5 Reasons To Attend Little Blog Big - Adelaide Workshop Review

June 22, 2015

On the weekend, I got myself down to Little.City in Prospect for the Little Blog Big workshop, presented by Carly Jacobs of Smaggle and Christina Butcher of Hair Romance.

I had an amazing day and am so very glad I took the plunge and booked in. As an introvert, these kind of events can be stressful and/or hard work but I read a couple of good blog posts, including this one from Flying Solo and this one at Agent Mystery Case, so I was well prepared.

As the graphic above suggests, here are five reasons why you should totally attend a Little Blog Big workshop if they come to your 'hood (or within reasonable travelling distance). See, "I'm learnding!" . . .  which brings me to the first point:

You Totally Learn Stuff

Carly Jacobs of Smaggle at Little Blog Big workshop Adelaide
Carly casually owning life in general

You get proper worksheets aligned to four informative sessions relevant to people who want to grow their blog, use social media effectively for their blog or business and learn simple yet effective strategies that you can implement THEN AND THERE. I literally changed my Instagram user handle to claim @almostposh at the lunch break. 

You Get Inspo For Reals

Little City collaborative workspace, Prospect, Adelaide
The sky's the limit!
Being sat in this funky, light-filled space contributed to the creative vibes. Little City hasn't opened to the public yet but will be a collaborative workspace in the near future which I can totally imagine being a great success. I want to work here on the daily. When I finally tore myself away from the space and got home, I was buzzing with inspo. I wanted to rewrite all my headlines of every post and reshare them on social media with new scheduling apps then write a list of blog ideas then tweak my media kit and update my Facebook cover photo. (I settled for Hungry Jack's and an early night).

You Get Really Well Fed

Food Man Chew catering at Little City, Prospect, Adelaide
A2 milk, yes GAWD!

Catering was by Food Man Chew (I. KNOW!) who provided a delicious lunch, there was ample fresh fruit, we had ice creams from Golden North (who are totally from my hood, the Mid North of South Australia - recognise!) and wines to round it off from Lou Miranda Estate and Dell'uva Wines. So. Good. There were even Red Rock Deli Sea Salt chips which are totes my fave. How did they know??

You Get To Meet Peeps

Note to self: next time, grab hold of a balloon, you chump

With Sonia of Sonia Styling
I have been following Sonia's blog since I started myself so it was a buzz to meet her in person.

Carly and Christina don't retreat like rock stars to their trailer to snort gold glitter and drink champagne made from the tears of angels during the breaks. They totally hang with everyone, mix and mingle throughout the day and are happy to pose for fan girl photos. They keep it real and relevant while being funny as. You may end up in a Simpsons quote-off. Be prepared.

Christina Butcher of Hair Romance, Little Blog Big Workshop Adelaide
With the extremely rad Christina of Hair Romance

Bloggers at Little Blog Big workshop, Adelaide
Anelis The Lunch Lady, Sarah Jensen, LouisaG, Lee from @MrGallivant

Importantly, you get to connect with fellow local bloggers which is fantastic! Whether you blog about fashion, fitness, lifestyle, wellness, food, travel, whether you have a brand or business or whether you haven't started yet and aren't even sure what you're going to blog about - you will find some cool people to chat with and add to your social media circles. Even an introvert like me didn't stand around like a dipstick for too long at a time.  

You Get A Cool Goodie Bag and - if you're lucky - a BALLOON

Some serious swag from companies like Evo, L'Oreal, Lady Jayne and Garnier plus a lovely limited edition print from Emma Kate Co. How. Rad.

I also got to gank the L balloon for my daughter Miss L, who loved it. With a capital L, if you'll pardon the pun.

They all float down here

In summary, if Little Blog Big come to your town and you are looking for blog tips and tricks, inspo on how to get next level with your social media activity or just fancy a day out in the company of nice people and have sort of affiliation with the internet, then Get. On. Board. Regrets will not be had. 

Google's Auto-Awesome feature rules
I have recently signed up to be a Little Blog Big affiliate, so do both of us a favour, click here and register yourself today

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