Posh Picks: Hot Weather Workwear

November 25, 2015

It's November and while Adelaide has already had some super hot days this Spring (including our hottest October on record), we are currently being lulled by a mild patch.

Don't be fooled, those 45 degree days are a-comin'.

Now that's all good if you are at home and can sit around pantsless or have a shaded body of water to throw yourself into but what if you're a slave to the wage and have to get yourself into your place of business without melting? Sure, most of us grind away at the coal face in air-conditioned comfort (sometimes *too* much air con, am I right, co-workers?) but the to-ing and fro-ing plus public transport is where it heats up.

In corporate enviroments, less is not more. I have a few strong personal viewpoints on the topic that include visible bra straps, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder and backless tops. (To summarise: nope). 

Our office doesn't have a strict corporate dress code but I feel personally that anything sleeveless requires maximum shoulder and scapula coverage (or a jacket). Cut-out detail is a good way to get some airflow but should not reveal any type of bra strap or hook fastener. Breathable yet opaque fabrics are where it's at to maintain both your cool and your adherence to the dress code. Because nobody wants to be chatted by HR about fashion.

Here's how to keep it cool, keep it cute and keep it cheap while still work-appropes - well, appropes for my workplace at least. Almost Posh accepts no responsibility for you violating your workplace dress code. Please review the PDS to ensure this product is right for you and if pain persists, see your healthcare professional.

First, tops:

Freez | Zip Back Top^

Teaberry | Contrast Top^
Freez | Birdcage Top^
Tara | Cap Sleeve Top^

Then dresses. Dresses are easy and breezy. Just take care if you work near a wind tunnel laneway like I do or you'll be a little too easy breezy, if you know what I'm saying. Check out the Frock Me installment of Posh Picks for more inspo. (Current availability unknown)

Dressbarn | Print Dress^

Skirts are always nice, in a flowy fabric:

Dorothy Perkins | Lace Insert Midi Skirt^
Keep your shoes simple and aerated (but not like thong-style simple and aerated).

Spurr | Serena Laser Cut Flats^
Spurr | Erin Block Heel^
Were $49.95 now $34.97

You might also get away with a jazzy pant as detailed in last week's Posh Picks selection.

How strict is your workplace dress code, if you have one?

^ denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and checking out, you don't pay any extra but you donate to the Almost Posh Christmas Fund via a small commission. For more information, please see my PR and Media policy.

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