2015AFF - Designer Market, [Cheesefest] & Paulo Sebastian Runway

October 26, 2015

The 2015 Adelaide Fashion Festival has wrapped after a stunning assortment of events that have brought incredible colour, movement and life into the city.

Last week, I attended the Ready to Wear lunch and runway shows by Sally Phillips and Liza Emanuele. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend any of Friday's functions due to work and family commitments. On Saturday, I headed into town with Miss L to check out the AFF Designer Market that was set up alongside the runway in Hindmarsh Square, showcasing some of Adelaide's emerging fashion, jewellery and homewares designers.

Now, I need to be real here. I approached a particular designer's stall whose items I had admired on friends and Instagram with a view to buying some earrings. As I browsed with intent, the two people manning the stall did not break their conversation to greet, give eye contact or in any way acknowledge my existence. When their mate behind me got a big old enthusiastic greeting, I decided it was time to bounce, sans purchase. Was it the pram? Not cool enough? Was I taking it too personally? Who knows, but it annoyed me deeply and so they lost a sale.

I wasn't upset for long though, because I headed over to Cheesefest, another awesome festival happening in Adelaide over the weekend, where Miss L and I enjoyed cheese and wine with friends on a joint hens/bucks event. Well, I enjoyed the wine. It's not her thing.

We had such a good time that I completely missed heading to my planned event, the Couture Culture runway. By all accounts, it was amazing. I was super thrilled to wear Greta Kate and Calèche Bridal pieces during the Style Blogger challenge so I was a bit disappointed to miss it!

Yesterday was the final day of the festival and I headed back into town for the Paulo Sebastian runway show.

Oh Em Actual Gee.

I have a Pinterest board called Highly Aspirational Dreamworld Style and I can tell you, each one of these amazing gowns belongs on it. Vintage shapes with contemporary twists; dusted with sparkles, furs and mesh, exquisite embroidery, lace and fine detail. 


I'll let (quite a few) pictures do the talking . . . sorry if you're on dial-up.

(No really, who is still on dial-up?? You're the one that should be sorry.)

I know, right?

Designer Paul Vasileff received a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd who were thrilled with the collection.

It was a real pleasure to attend such professional, polished events of a high standard; nothing broke-down or budget as can unfortunately sometimes happen in Adelaide. The purpose built runway was spectacular and it was good to see events happening outside of the CBD as well. All of the staff and crew that I interacted with were pleasant and friendly. 

Thanks to Be Young PR and Little Lion Communications for the media accreditation and doing an amazing job on the PR side.

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