What I Wore: Adelaide Fashion Festival Style Challenge

October 09, 2015

This week, I was thrilled to be part of a world-first event hosted by Be Young PR and Little Lion Communications at the heart of the Adelaide Fashion Festival, Mercedes-Benz Adelaide.

Bloggers were invited to play dress-ups with the SS15/16 ranges of a frankly amazing array of local designers and participate in a style challenge showcasing their unique flair and looks with the chance to win some pretty awesome prizes. To be eligible, bloggers had to shoot a minimum of three looks, using at least two different designers' pieces in each look, have one look showcasing the couture labels and finally, incorporate the Mercedes-Benz vehicles made available for shooting. FUN.

Now, I know this may come as a shock to most of you, given my fierce work on Instagram, but I am not actually a professional, part-time or even vaguely amateurish model.

Sorry for any confusion.

Happily, there were items available in sizes that I could squeeze into (I'm usually hovering around a 12 when I'm not hovering around all-you-can-eat buffets) and it was great to see some of the designers catering to a range of non-traditional-modelly sizes. 

Stacie came along as my personal Grace Coddington and was tasked with styling and shooting me with my high-tech photography equipment. iPhone 5s, square frame, this is how we DO.

Here we are working the posing wall with a bottle of the delightful Wicks Estate bubbly that was on offer.

Look 1 - Now Sissy That Walk

Top - Finders Keepers The Label
Pants - Paige Rowe
Leather Neckpiece - Paige Rowe
Vehicle - The Red One

Look 2 - Loot In The Boot

Gown - Calèche Bridal
Lace Overlay - Greta Kate Bridal
Vehicle - The White One

Look 3 - They See Me Rollin'

Dress - Liza Emanuele
Sleeveless jacket - SIG The Label
Vehicle - The Black One

Look 4 - Watch Me Whip

Jeans - Paige Rowe
Tank Top - Paige Rowe
Cape - Greta Kate Bridal
Necklace - Azure
Vehicle - The Silver One

I know. It was as fun as it looks.

Of course, it wouldn't be Almost Posh without a bit of realness, so here is what I'd look like actually driving one of the coveted vehicles on display, crazy eyes and all:

Excuse me, sir, you appear to have cut me off
The Adelaide Fashion Festival is taking place between 22 and 25 October and I can tell you, the runway shows are selling out fast. If this kind of thing is your bag, may I strongly recommend getting your tickets without delay. This is going to be HUGE. Like this balloon.

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