3 Hairstyles I'm Capable of Undertaking and 1 Fluke

July 03, 2015

I claim absolutely no skills in the hair department, as I have already documented early on in the piece.

To be fair, I'm still getting used to having longish hair since it was a short concave bob for many a year. I follow Hair Romance and tell myself that one day, ONE DAY, I will learn to French braid / do a plait leading into a bun /  achieve at least one style with "simple" in the title.

Until that happens, my hair has three basic modes:

The Bun

hair in a bun, bun twist, Australis Velourlips Shang-hi

(Variation: the Bun with Bun Booster aka one of the greatest inventions of all time)

Hair in a bun, bun booster, Australis Velourlips in NY-Cee

The Ponytail

Hair in a ponytail, alleyway, Rivers jumper, leggings, boots


Straight hair, long hair, seventies, long floral skirt, leather bag, Hajek Plaza, Adelaide

This morning, I peeled my eyes open and pushed myself out of bed early (by "early", I mean "when the alarm first goes off") for the specific intent of actually doing something to my hair today.

I whipped out the old VS Sassoon Suck 'n' Curl (not actual product name, it's the Curl Secret) and spent my precious sleep-in getting some wave into my weave.

Prepared bloggers would have taken step-by-step photos of this procedure but given I had to cart a wailing toddler to daycare during, I wasn't quite as organised as I could have been.

So here's the result. And as IF Google couldn't apply an Auto-Awesome gif-making magic to the many multitudes of pics I took at my desk . . .

The Mild Curl

VS Sassoon Curl Secret result

VS Sassoon Curl Secret result

VS Sassoon Curl Secret result

How much time do you put into your hair for a workday? Have you got skillz? What hair taming tools could you not do without?

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