Hair Raising - hair hack test

October 27, 2014

I confess, I am next to useless when it comes to managing the dead follicles that grow out of my scalp.

Leaving the years of questionable colours and cuts aside (including a particularly rank perm in Year 8), I have never understood how other people manage to wrangle pins, straighteners, clips and combs to effortlessly present Pinterest-style hair-dos where I am lucky to manage anything other than a hair-don’t.  

I have fine, limp hair but strangely, plenty of it, as most hairdressers like to comment. No surprises there, you just have to check the power brush head of my Dyson after a week and there's enough to construct a decent weave.

I rocked a short concave bob for years to avoid any of these hassles (and even then, could never achieve anything near that salon-fresh look after the first post-haircut wash) but decided to grow my hair after my baby was born to see how long I could get it without having to try and make it look presentable for work every day. After a year, I had got this far:

If only it grew as fast as my daughter did

I was undecided at this stage, whether to cut it off again or keep going. Since it had taken this long to get this far and I had got past the infuriating growing-out phase (the one where you are scraping a tiny pony nug together with elastic bands and lots of bobby pins) I decided to keep it going.

Suddenly, a new world was opening and I discovered one of the greatest inventions of our time:
$9.99 from Priceline, as is the image

The bun donut meant I could finally achieve what I’d been secretly pining for all these years, a bun!

This quickly became my go-to style and I decided that while I was at it, I would also be bringing scrunchies back. So I did.

90s hair, don't care

Giddy with my succcess, I searched Pinterest for more easy hair hacks.

Step one, “section the hair . . .”

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, I said “easy”.

Anyway, I did find this one on the Fox in Flats blog and thought I could possibly manage that, so I documented my trial below.

Here it is about 18 months after I started growing it.

Put hair into high ponytail. I can totally do that!

Use rollers to roll up bits of the ponytail, curling under.

I didn’t actually have any rollers to hand but I found some at Priceline for $4.99

This was actually super hard! The hair didn’t stay rolled as tight as I’d have liked and jamming bobby pins in to hold them down was really difficult.

Anyway, I managed.

Spray with hairspray.

Cover with a stocking top. Done and a scrunchie added for good measure and some cuteness.

Sleep. I can totally do that! Being all piled up on top of the head meant that sleep was uninterrupted, in fact, I could hardly notice it.

The next morning, it was time to check the results . . .

Well, there is a lot of volume here but not what I’d call much in the way of curls or even “beachy waves” as promised. I’d previously gotten better and unintended results from a day of slightly damp bun donut wear.

I will come for you at night time

So it went into a ponytail which was nicely voluminous but dropped fairly quickly.

Next time, I will:

  • Have slightly damp hair
  • Maybe try a setting spray
  • Use the hot rollers my mother-in-law has subsequently let me borrow
  • Apply more hairspray
  • Have longer hair

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