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June 24, 2015

Although I have a daughter who occasionally gets a mention here at, I don't consider myself a mummy blogger. As I've said before, other people have made my salient points already and the phrase "sensory play" doesn't get much of a run in my household.

However, my friend Kelly, who runs the business Elemental Beginnings here in Adelaide asked if I would contribute a guest post to her blog about the first three months of parenthood (also known as the "fourth trimester") and I have duly done so:

Just Plain Lucky: My Fourth Trimester

Kelly is a qualified post-natal doula and placenta encapsulator, providing her support services to mums of Adelaide and selected regional areas of South Australia.

Elemental Beginnings post-natal doula and placenta encapsulation services in Adelaide

This is probably all a bit woo woo to a lot of people - and admittedly, I did not have my placenta encapsulated - but Kelly's satisfied clients give some great testimonies on her website regarding her post-natal support and the benefits they have enjoyed from her services.

Kelly has undertaken a huge amount of study, training and research, including a degree in microbiology, and is eminently qualified to provide services and advice relating to care of newborns; including family adjustment, breastfeeding, settling and soothing, coping skills and bonding.

Research has indicated that having the support of a post-natal doula can increase the success of breastfeeding, lessen the chance of post-natal depression and improve the bonding process.

To find out more, have a look at her website and if you're in the upcoming market for some newborn-style support or to learn more about the possible benefits of placenta encapsulation and what is actually involved in the process (spoiler alert: Thermomix!), then get in contact to see what she can do for you.

If you're not in Adelaide, Kelly has a far-reaching network and may be able to recommend services in your area.

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