Emails to Miss L

November 24, 2014

I’d kicked around the idea of starting a blog for a year or more before I launched GhetteauxPosh. However, my world at the time was full-time mum and I couldn’t really see myself adding my voice to the huge number of successful mummy bloggers already out there. My wry observations about parenting had already been made by people like Laura at Laura's Plog and there wasn’t much else going on in my life at the time.

“Oh man, nappies! Amiright?”

Encouraged by Bridie at, I started blogging on a much more niche topic; fashion. Well, to be fair, I just write about whatever I like really, and what I mostly like is fashion so it’s what I mostly write about. I don't claim to be a style maven but I like shopping for and wearing clothes so why not blog about it.

This time, I’m going to throw a little parenting into the mix by revealing I recently set up an email address for my daughter, Miss L.

She is 20 months old.

This post may or may not be an excuse to post some cute pictures of my daughter

Before she was born, I dutifully bought a baby book with the intention of lovingly filling out each milestone in perfect penmanship, complete with handprints, artfully scrapped photos and mementos.

This eventually happened around about her first birthday in a slightly less polished format than I had envisaged; think double-sided tape and a box of coloured pens. Luckily, I had kept a bunch of scribbled Post Its in a memory box that were able to supply key dates. But honestly, I found it a massive struggle to remember to go into the room, get the box from under the bed, open the box, fish out the pen and the Post Its and jot things down. It sounds like a simple and easy thing to do but it just wasn’t. 

Mums, are you feeling me?

More arbitrary cuteness

I am, however, quite often in front of a device capable of sending emails; whether it’s my desk at work, my computer at home, my phone on the bus or my iPad on the couch.

So my plan is to send her emails over the course of her childhood and to share the email address with close family so they can do the same.

I'll stop soon

Touch wood but I also see it as a touch of insurance, should anything happen to them before she’s old enough to know them, she will hopefully have special messages to keep.

I want her to know how funny and cute and clever she is. I want to capture the little things, like how she calls grapefruit “gallaput” and refuses to wear shoes without socks as well as the major milestones. This weekend, her first sit on the potty produced results and then she went into a big bed for the first time!

When she’s old enough, I’ll give her the log-in details, maybe around a special birthday, and I hope she enjoys reading them. 

One day, all this will be yours

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