Fashion Icons - Art Gallery of SA

February 09, 2015

I haven't done an outfit post for a while, mainly because I've been either recycling a lot of looks or looking a hot mess in shorts and tees. I also have a few items chilling in the wardrobe waiting for an occasion, like my chambray linen dress, TEMT kimono and floral shirts from Mix. 

I went along to the Fashion Icons exhibit at the Art Gallery of SA with my fashionic friends Jen and Stacie. Here we are posing in front of the logo. 

I should have asked the girls what they were wearing. Fashion blogger fail.

Excuse the dream sequence look of this photo, I had to lighten it up to show detail.

I'm in a Target skater dress with embossed bird print, Mimco flatforms and my bag is vintage black calfskin, made in Sydney and picked up at the Salvos for like $8. I also got to wear my new Australis Velour Lip Cream in Honi-Loo-Loo and loved it as well as some swingy Lovisa earrings.  

For the record, I was not feeling my look at all. AT ALL. That's what happens when you drop the vacuum cleaner about 20 minutes before you need to leave and your planned outfit fails, as does the next three things you pull on in an ever-increasing fit of rage and anxiety. So it was more nightmare than dream sequence.

I need not have worried though, considering other patrons found it perfectly acceptable to wear a backless pant suit complete with full bra on display, scruffy shorts and thongs. Honestly, people. It's a FASHION event. Lift!

We saw a screening of the film "The Secret World of Haute Couture" before checking out the exhibition of amazing threads. We each had to choose a day outfit and an evening gown that we would take home if we could.

I chose this Dior masterpiece for my evening gown and a houndstooth Chanel suit from the 80s that I couldn't find a picture of. Obvs there was no photography allowed or fingering the fabric.

Slightly downscale in formality, this is what I wore for a seaside brunch with Stacie and Bridie of

Kmart white tee - $5
Rivers printed pants - $15
Spurr Basics tan flatforms from The Iconic - $27
Pink vintage bag - $3 

I did not end up wearing the cardi as it was delightfully warm.

Here's something I rocked to work a little while ago:

Jeanswest lattice-backed top via Savers - $5.99
Rivers printed pants - $15

Pretty stoked to get an exact match on the lipstick here. I read somewhere recently that Matchy Matchy is the new black. I'm so down. I love a perfect match! (not the game show with Greg Evans and Dexter the robot. Com-pa-ti-bi-lity!)

Still working on getting decent outfit shots. I've got a better set up on the patio which works by balancing my iPhone on the clothes rail on a small hard-backed notebook. It's all about time and also getting other people to take them without feeling like a bonehead.

I cannot believe how much I have embraced the printed pant this season. I've gone from none and a belief I'll look like I'm wearing pyjamas to four pairs and loving them sick, especially the cropped ones from Rivers. 

Have you embraced a new trend recently?

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  1. Adore the back on that top. You are quite the bargain hunter. I really love the look of printed pants on others but I'm super short and bottom heavy and just not game to go there.

    1. I hear you; at 1.63cm and plenty of loot in the boot, I was hesitant. These ones from Rivers are cropped which are a godsend for short pins.