Taking A Stand

December 19, 2014

I held off on my scheduled blog postings for a few days because it seemed a bit trite to witter on about op shop bargains and make-up and shopping in light of the events in Sydney this week.

One of the things that resonated with me - as I'm sure it did for scores of city office workers - is that could have been me

I'm in Adelaide, not Sydney but mentally ill criminals with access to firearms are not limited by geography. I get coffee some mornings, I go to cafes with friends. It could have been me. You. Us. Sadly, it was them. It's horrendous. It's heartbreaking. It's infuriating.

I posted on Facebook that as sad as I was to hear of the news Tuesday morning about the loss of innocent life, I was heartened that my social media newsfeed was flooded with positive messages like #illridewithyou and not one intolerant, fearmongering or hate-spreading post, so we win. The outpouring of tributes at Martin Place from all walks of life demonstrates that. 

That made me thankful that I don't cyber-roll with any idiots that I'd have to subsequently delete. 

Image from www.1smartlife.com

Now, to live in fear is to let the bastards win. So with the greatest of respect, I return to posting as usual.

Firstly, super awesome news! I won an Instagram regram competition from Makeup Tips!

It's Physician's Formula Glowing Nude BronzerJust look at that packaging with the adorable rose gold bow!

I always harboured a suspicion that these competitions were a bit suss and, to be fair, I haven't received the product yet but I'm confident that Makeup Tips is too legit to quit. I'm excited to try the product too - I have the Physician's Formula Happy Booster which is similarly pleasingly presented and something I like to swirl onto my mug when I'm wearing a Clayton's face; the face you wear when you're not wearing a face.

I'm rocking Cancer Council tinted sunscreen with a dusting of the aforementioned Happy Booster pressed powder, my daily Covergirl Exact Eyelights in Black Sapphire, a little Benetint on the cheeks and Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in No. 25 Undressed (one of my fave nude shades). 

It took me a little while to get to posting makeup selfies on my blog Insta account tagged for the world to see. I look at my imperfections and wonder if other people see them like I do. Then I'm all "meh" *hit share*.

I recently informed my friends, again by the power of Facebook, that I was taking a stand against the haters and challenging myself to deliver on a more positive approach and they were welcome to join me if they liked. I'll extend the same invitation to anyone reading this post. 

Let's try and do something good today. And if that means being happy enough to put your mug out there for comment, then let's do it. It's the old "life's too short" thing, innit. 

How many people in the Lindt cafe that morning skipped the cake?

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