Throwback Thursday: Sportsgirl Logo Tee

December 11, 2014

Today I caught up with an old school friend who I haven't seen for 17 years.

17 years!!

How am I possibly that old??

It was a good catch up (despite the toddler's best efforts to decorate the entire venue with sultanas) and it made me think of a photo I had kicking around of the two of us, taken on my 15th birthday, 16th October, 1993 in the front yard of our house at Wirrabara, South Australia.

Obvs we hardly look any different today (I do wish we'd got a picture of ourselves to compare though)

I am rocking the classic staple of any Australian girl's wardrobe in the 90s - the original Sportsgirl logo tee. Oversized, of course.

You can also see the signature accessory, the half-moon Best Friend pendant of which I had several in a convuluted arrangement that worked across our group of friends.

Could my fringe be any heavier? I think this is one of the last known documented appearances of my fully natural colour, untouched by Napro Live Colour sachets or Wella Colour Mousse. "Beware the Grenada Cherry!" I want to tell my younger self.

I bet I have tartan shorts on too. Sadly there's no way of knowing.

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