Shoes So Fine

December 22, 2014

A little while ago, I posted about how I needed to reel my spending in a little and stop buying stuff.

How’s that working out, I hear you ask?

Yeah. Not so well.

It all started when I clicked through The Fashionable Mum’s affiliate link to The Iconic, where I ended up buying a lovely pair of tan flatforms.

Apparently they are no longer available in tan but here's the same pair in blush. They also have black, orange, turquoise and lemon left if you're keen.

Spurr Basic Emerald Flatform - was $29.95 now $17.97
Image from

And here they are on my actual feet. Sorry about the lack of pedicure.

To be fair, I had been looking for some nice summer shoes for ages with no luck and I’m kind of regretting those Target ones. Good thing they only cost $10 and some FlyBuys points. I wore the tan flatforms out on Sunday for a Christmas lunch and they were comfortable and cute and got commented on. Not bad for under $30 including shipping.

So I thought that would be it until Bridie at sent me a link to some gorgeous Mimco flatforms to get my opinion . . . 

Gidget FlatForm was $199 now $99 on sale
 Image from

My opinion was favourable. Very favourable. So much so that I went down to Rundle Mall at lunch time and tried them on. Still very favourable. 

So I did it. I committed the ultimate fashion sin and I STYLEJACKED her.


It all worked out in the end because she did a reverse stylejack and went and bought them that night after work. We'll just have to text each other before we meet up.

I also picked up the rest of my Christmas present to myself from the husband while I was there.

Memoir Beaded Wrist in Schiaparelli Pink - $39

Okay, so I’ve got it out of my system, right?


Evil Mimco with their evil ways and gorgeous shoes send me a 20% everything including sale items email less than a day later and something inside me snapped and fizzled (my resolution, probably).

A few minutes later and a couple of items that had been chilling in my wishlist were on their way to me . . . 

Romantico kitten heel down to $79.20 from $99 sale price

Another Memoir beaded wrist bracelet in Hydrangea - $31.96 from $39

Okay but that is IT.

Unfortunately, I think I’ve made a bit of a resolution for 2015 which is to commit to quality shoes instead of cheap fixes. Sure, I love a cheap and cheerful Rubi loafer but I found I had way too much in the way of cheap flats and nothing in the way of wearable heel height. 

Also, do you know how hard it is for me to have any kind of arm party with my skinny wrists?! Now that I have three of these gorgeous Memoir beaded bracelets, that should improve.

At least those critical gaps in my wardrobe have been closed.

For now.

Note: These aren't affiliate or sponsored links. Just stuff I've liked and bought and sharing the love.

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