Throwback Thursday: Glitter

November 27, 2014

Throughout my younger years, I often dreamed about belonging to a fashion subculture and really owning and working a defined look.

Unfortunately (fortunately), I never found anything I liked enough to commit to full-time. I just liked too many different styles so I wore a bit of everything and played "dress ups" with friends who were much more disciplined.

Then I got older and realised wearing what you like is actually cooler than any subculture could hope to be etc etc find yourself, it's a journey, blah blah. Except rockabillies, man, their look is the shiz.

Anyhow, this pick-and-mix attitude to fashion is how I ended up rocking this ensemble one night to a goth club . . .

I did. I totally did.

Don't judge. It was the early 00s and we (okay, I in particular) were all about the glitter print and the mesh overlay.

I loved that dragon top hard. The skirt I was neither here nor there on but it was glittery and probably the darkest thing I had at the time.

I mentioned the boots last week and my fringe has already come under fire in several previous Throwback Thursday posts.

But what is going on with my eyes??

I'll tell you, MORE GLITTER!

Never got the hang of the whole "not smiling" thing either

I had, and possibly still have (#hoarder), this pack of four small containers that screwed into each other, containing face glue, hologrammatic hearts, silver stars and iridescent face glitter respectively which I busted out for special occasions. Like going to the goth club.

When are they going to play some Spice Girls?

Their powers combined plus a powder that was way too pale (or that may just have been my Melbourne tan) turned me into some sort of disco zombie junkie.

My go-to Posh point

Will we see this style back again soon?

I not-so-secretly hope so.

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