Fashionomics Friday || Sparkle!

November 21, 2014

I am living for The Fashionable Mum's Fashionomics Friday link-ups!

Another week, another Casual Friday to dress for. Today we are meeting new people from the company who has bought ours so I had to keep it cute.

Please excuse my odd stance, I wasn't quite ready for the camera and I had mimimal time since the toddler dumped her fruit salad all over the floor. I have saved you having to look at my DERP face. You're welcome.

I was poking around Best & Less thinking "I really should not be spending any money on clothes" when this popped out of the rack at me, all cute.

I'm all, "Well, all right, sparkly sequin art deco print top, let's be having you" and went to try it on.

And yeah, I liked it.

"$25 though? I really shouldn't. Maybe I'll wait."

I took it back out to the rack to see a sign on said rack alerting me to 30% off.

You better believe I snatched that bad boy up.

Those flats again, what? I am hanging for some different shoes to wear, but  I just don't have anything as comfortable yet.

Out in the sun so you can cop the SPARKLE!

This outfit comes in at under $50 too . . .

Best & Less Edited sequinned tee - $17.50 (buy it here)
H&M black pants - $7 (Salvos)
Rubi loafers - $15 

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  1. That tee is ace - reminds me of Sass and Bide A LOT! Great buy and great outfit. Thanks for linking up on Fashionomics Friday :)

  2. Thanks! It feels so high-end, I am very impressed (and stoked to get it for $17.50)