Throwback Thursday: Cargo Pants (and happy birthday to me)

October 16, 2014

I seem to have a lot of photographic fodder from my time in Port Hedland (July 1996 - October 1998)  - I believe I may have been gifted a camera shortly before moving up there - and this outfit is a lot more indicative of the lifestyle. 

Taken 16 years ago to the day, on October 16, 1998, this was at a house party prior to my departure to Melbourne. 

And my 20th birthday. 

So what do we have here besides an awesome Sporty Spice high kick and a dirty Torana?

  • Red dirt. Lots of it. The Pilbara region is basically red dirt and rocks and the iron ore mined and shipped from Port Hedland coats everything in a similarly ruddy coating. Even the pigeons are rust-coloured. #pilbaralife
  • My first ever pair of cargo pants. An endearing trend although these days they tend towards the olive skinnies rather than these baggy beige bad boys
  • Red striped knit top from Jeanswest which - as I recall - was about the only high street fashion chain store up there. 
  • Platform sneakers. I really seriously loved the Spice Girls. I wish I kept these.
  • Filthy piecy fringe and a radical, ill-advised dye job
  • You can't see it but every fingernail is painted a different colour. Poorly. 

*cue montage of 16 years of oufit choices in flash-forward sequence*

As a point of interest, here is me today on my 36th birthday.

I was going to attempt to replicate the high kick but I didn't have time to warm up and I'd have probably done a hamstring. Excuse the solemn look. I only really get a couple of chances at a timer shot before toddler enters stage left with demands for the phone.

This has been one of my favourite go-to looks over the last season, a New Look navy and white striped knit from ASOS and my old faithful pre-pregnancy dark skinny jeans from Harris Scarfe of all places.

And here is the toddler rocking head to toe Target.

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