#StyleCostProject: August

September 06, 2018

I’m pleased to be able to get this post out as this week marks my four year blogaversary!

Yes, I may be hanging on for dear life but I am determined to at least finish the Style Cost Project 2018 and look at other ways of keeping in touch in 2019 as I’m not ready to leave the blogging world behind just yet. I’ve met too many nice people and had too much fun to throw in the towel!

August was another quiet month on the shopping front for the same reasons I mentioned last month; I haven’t found a lot I liked and I haven’t had much time or opportunity to look. Also, on the non-fashion purchasing front, we bought an investment property and combined our finances all into the one bank. You better believe I got straight into that new phone banking app and turned off all the expenditure alerts on my husband’s phone.

Onto the fashion. One day at lunch I powered down to Myer while the sales were on and picked up two cute dresses – one from Glamorous for $22 which I haven’t had an opportunity to wear yet (but I’m keen, so invite me to something a bit dressy). Don't worry, it's knee length on me.

Also this cat print dress from Princess Highway which I have worn to work a couple of times and got comments on (Crazy Cat Lady was my own).

I bought this foil print marle top from Katies when they had 30% off tops, bringing it down to about $27 and I’ve worn it a lot since. It’s comfortable and the sleeves give it a New Romantic kind of vibe, especially when I wear it with black pants and knee high boots and a scarf, I feel like I’m serving Adam Ant realness. I should have got the pink one too. Here it is, kind of.

Also from Katies but not on the same day, I bought this jumper at full price because I was cold and going out later after work. “But Beth,” I hear you say, “You already have a grey knit with foil polka dots that you got from Harris Scarfe last year. What gives?” While this is true, said knit (which I really liked and wore a lot) has shabbed up to the point of not being able to wear to work so a replacement was required. I wouldn’t have paid full price ordinarily, but like I said, I was cold. 🤷

Also pictured, new boots. My old Spend-less faithfuls bit the dust one day, with the sole coming apart and the heels had worn down to holes so I clomped down to Shoe Shed for a replacement one lunch time and wore these out of the store. Unfortunately though, THEY ABSOLUTELY STINK. They aren’t even super cheap (I paid $58 marked down from $95) but they reek to high heaven so I’m currently googling solutions and in the meantime trying to air them outside because I’m not about to have someone come up on me and think I smell weird.

Monthly totals

Items acquired: 5
Total RRP ticket "value" - $340.90
Total paid - $202.45
YTD spend - $1,387.13
YTD "value" - $3,357.34

I'm excited about moving away from the stock warm gear and into more transitional pieces as the weather gets warmer. You?

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