#StyleCostProject: June / July

August 05, 2018

Apologies for the radio silence of late on both the blog and the socials. Here's what's going on; as some of you know I started a new full-time job end June and it is fully, full-on, full-time. I start a lot earlier so I don't have either light or time to get an outfit snap in the mornings and evenings and weekends have been trying to cram the rest of my life in. It's been challenging. But people have been nice, I can do the work and the dress code means I can continue to wear the same style of thing. I'm at another engineering firm which is super similar to my old place of work so it's just a matter of same stuff, different logo and trying to find that work/life balance.

I've combined June and July's purchases for the Style Cost round-up which is on the lean side. Another side effect is not having the time or inclination to wander around the shops, coupled with not enjoying a lot of what's on offer at the moment. I'm ready to call it, I'm done with the statement sleeve. It's great for cocktails or brunch but not so much for trying to take meeting notes.

On with the purchases. In June, I hit up Savers to great effect with this excellent buy, a pair of Jo Mercer leather riding boots which would normally be about $350 for a mere $20.

Jo Mercer leather riding boots | Almost Posh

I have already worn these A LOT and they are fantastic, now if only I could find a similar pair in brown.

Also at Savers, this surprisingly hefty knit tunic which came from Supre of all places (seen with boots as described above):

Supre striped tunic | Almost Posh

On the same shopping trip, I got a couple of dresses from Kmart. This one was a bit steep at $25:

Kmart floral dress | Almost Posh

And also this one for $15:

Kmart striped knit dress | Almost Posh

I also got a navy beaded necklace for $4, seen here with my Styling Curvy x Adrift Lifestyle Basics shirt, which I ADORE. My girl Jenni really nailed this collection and it sold like hot cakes, understandably so.

Styling Curvy x Adrift shirt | Almost Posh

I also picked up a multi-layered necklace from Forever New for $12.95 down from $22-odd bucks which was nice. No pic though, soz.

Moving into July - as some of you may remember I have attempted No-Buy July in the past and failed spectacularly and here I am nearly doing it without even trying. My only purchases amounted to a selection of earrings pictured below (5 for $20 at Lovisa valued at over $70 plus another $7.95 for the Sportsgirl sunbursts)

Lovisa earrings | Almost Posh

Finally, right towards the end of the month, I picked up a grey marle foil print top from Katies at 40% off which I have worn but didn't get a picture of and it doesn't appear to be online but there were heaps in store so go check it out.

Monthly totals

Items acquired (June): 7
Items acquired (July): 7 (but 6 of them are pairs of earrings, so . . .)Total RRP ticket "value" (June) - $524.99
Total paid (June) - $164.95
Total RRP ticket "value" (July) - $88.90
Total paid (July) - $27.95
YTD spend - $1,194.68
YTD "value" - $3,016.44

Did you have a go at No Buy July this year?

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