#StyleCostProject: March

March 12, 2019

Well, here we are at the end of March, the Easter bunny has been and gone and taken daylight savings with him and now we're starting to think layers and sleeves for our sartorial spends.

March has been reasonably light on in terms of purchases so this won't take very long at all. Still stuck in the same weird limbo of non-full-time job having, which is most tedious.

I had been eyeing off Blue Bungalow for some time now as my girl Stace McGregs is a proper model for them and they have some nice layery looking pieces and whatnot. I also like how they have a Shop The Look outfit inspo section so you can look at a picture of the outfit and then buy everything in it at once, which is how I came by this very affordable look:

Blue Bungalow outfit | Almost Posh

Just $19.95 each for both top and skirt, how good is that?!

Later in the month, I took advantage of the free express shipping deal and got the same top in pink marle - seen here with new Kmart scarf, a pair of accidentally-bought pants and $5 shoes I got back in January in Melbs. Don't you love it when you land an item that brings all these other random wardrobe pieces together?

Blue Bungalow top Rockmans pants | Almost Posh

I was browsing in the kid's section of Target with my daughter when I saw this jumper and grabbed the biggest size on the off-chance I could squeeze into it and was very pleased indeed when I could. We are both mad keen for a flippy sequin. At $20, I'll be keeping more of an eye on the bigger kid's clothes from here on in as it also turns out I can fit into big kid's shoes at Kmart! YES!

Target jumper | Almost Posh

I needed to refresh my scarf collection after a big cleanout and, as foreshadowed above, got these two at Kmart for $7 each. Sadly one of my favourite tassel scarfs last year from Kmizzle bit the dust after going through the wash so I'll also want to add a tasselled number back into the mix soon.

Kmart scarves | Almost Posh

My friend Judy took me to the Holy Trinity of amazing op shops towards the end of the month, whereupon I found these quilted high-top sneakers for $5:

High top quilted sneakers | Almost Posh

These unworn Lavish (Harris Scarf) ankle boots for $7 (they look better in real life than the photo indicates)

Lavish ankle boots | Almost Posh

And a still-current BNWT Betty Basics striped cardi for $8, RRP $34.95. Me not pictured.

Betty Basics Melbourne striped cardigan | Almost Posh

Monthly totals

Items acquired: 9
Total RRP ticket "value" - $190.80
Total paid - $113.85
YTD spend - $464.30
YTD "value" - $1,193.40

How's your yearly spend going?

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