How To Stalk The Sales

March 12, 2019

Occasionally people ask me how I manage to score such bargains, which is nice as I do consider it a life skill and I'm quite proud of it.

stalking the sales | Almost Posh

Apart from "years of practice", there are a few key things you can do to avoid paying the RRP at some of your favourite shops. This does not mean shoplifting, using counterfeit coin or changing tags. Almost Posh does not condone thievery, fraudulent behaviour or any other shonky dealings and comes by all savings honestly.

First, it makes it easier to focus on a few key stores so you can give adequate attention to their goings-on, and the more high street the better, if you ask me. Big chains means big sales, it's just how they roll. Here's a tip to avoid being fleeced by tempting emails; high end luxury designers like your Louis Vuitton, your Tiffany & Co etc. do not have 50% off sales or official outlet stores. Save yourself the hassle of having to change your card details when you find out you've been fleeced.

  • Join up to all the loyalty programs. You don't even need to carry around a purse full of cards anymore, just scan them into your phone. Some offer voucher rewards after a certain dollar value spent. Some will send you arbitrary vouchers just to keep you keen; these could be percentage off or dollar value. Some send you birthday offers. They all add up. Read the fine print though. The discounts may be in-store only, on full-priced items only or have a short expiry time. 
  • Keep an eye on their emails and learn how often they discount store-wide or on certain items. 
  • Some sales only happen online. This is a great way to score big so make sure you open those emails to see what's happening. Flash sales are a great way to save but don't get caught up in the hype!
  • Visit the store in person wherever possible and try things on. Then go and add them to your online wishlist so when they go on sale, you can pounce with confidence.
  • Department stores have big seasonal sales that last a few weeks. If you see something you like at the start of the sale (and you can live with the risk of possibly missing out), hold off and see if it becomes further reduced. I'm not about to condone hiding items in the store but I'm not about to judge on it either.
  • Browse the websites and wishlist often. Sometimes you'll see items available online that aren't in-store.
  • Choose "click and collect" if available as a delivery option, so your parcel goes to the nearest store. You save on delivery and if you try on then and there, you can return right away if it doesn't suit without being out of pocket and the hassle of organising returns.
  • Also keep an eye on free delivery offers. A good way to get a lower-cost item without having to meet a free shipping cap. I know I am not the only one who has spent $12 to make up a $2 shortfall on a free shipping cap.
  • Go to VIP sale events if available but don't get too sucked in, make sure the price is still right. There may be a percentage off for that night only or attendees may be given bonus vouchers. These events come with the added benefit of drinks, nibbles and possible goodie bags.
  • Subscribe for notifications of major online shopping events like Click Frenzy (16 May 7pm AEST) and Vogue Online Shopping Night (24 May midday to midnight).  If you really want a ridiculously cheap item, be prepared to strike the instant they go live. I'm not above setting a calendar reminder and roping in helpers with multiple browser windows.
  • You can even take this approach to your grocery shopping by visiting your store at certain times and picking up specials. I know my local Coles discounts perfectly fresh bread in the afternoons and where to find the clearance / short-dated items. I am not above buying a slightly battered box of crackers if they are 75% off. Again, only buy what you would actually use. There is no use having a fridge full of cheap nearly expired food if you're not going to eat it.
The risk of sale stalking is of course that you might miss out on a certain item. If you're seeing something all over social media, it might be worth popping on it at full price if you really really want it. 

Sales, special offers and spend incentives are designed to get you in store so although I encourage you to take up these deals, you should always consider if you like the item so much you'd pay full price or if you're just getting caught up in the excitement of a bargain. We've all been there.

Play it right though, and you too could be like  . . .

stalking the sales | Almost Posh

Have you undertaken a successful sale stalk mission of late? What's your strategy?

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