Style Cost 2018 : January and February

February 27, 2018

At the end of last year I was somewhat demotivated and unsure if I would even continue blogging, let alone do the Style Cost Project for a third year but people reckoned I should, and it's really not that hard so I'm bringing you the purchases of the first two months of 2018 combined. Some of the prices are rough estimates because I wasn't tracking at the time. Bear with me. Also recently got a new do.

new hair | Almost Posh

As I finished up in my main job on 1 December and have only been working part-time since, I feel like I've been restrained with my shopping habits - trying to keep expenditure low, not knowing what any new workplace dress codes would be like and that kind of thing. To be honest, I rather expected to have found a job by now but I guess not settling means you wait longer to find the right one.

Side note: can prospective employers please stop advertising Executive Assistant roles that include "all front of house duties". That is a receptionist position, stop trying to church it up. Other side note: can recruitment agents update their stupid testing software so I'm not having to cast my mind back to Word 2010 AND provide a keyboard manufactured sometime this decade to give me a decent chance at the typing test? Thanks, appreciate it.

Job hunt rants aside, let's see what I got these last couple of months.

First up, January. My Christmas present from my husband was spending money for Brisbane. In addition to a few things from H&M, I bought a navy blue suit from Portmans then decided I didn't like it so I returned and exchanged for a black one. Suits are in no way my jam so it feels very weird wearing one but first impressions seem to count.

Portmans black suit | Almost Posh

I also got a pink polka dot top from Portman's on the exchange visit, which cost about $30. Here's a weirdly angled photo that makes me look 6ft tall. I wore this outfit for an interview when it was 45 degrees here in Adelaide and I refused to wear the jacket (this was the "what do you reckon" shot). Oh, I also got the shoes at the Sandler outlet on a trip to Melbourne for like $96.

Portmans black suit skirt and top | Almost Posh

Also in Melbs, we visited the Cotton On outlet and I got three pairs of shoes for $25 - I've only worn the sneakers so far though, and I don't have a pic yet, and I got a Forever New jumper with chiffon undershirt thing that will make an appearance once it gets cold.

Being part-time means time to hit up Savers. I got this TEMT midi dress, which I also wore to hang out with my gurl Rosi Rockets in Melbs:

TEMT floral midi dress | Almost Posh

And a Jacqui E dress that I'm not 100% sold on yet because it's a bit clingy but we'll see. I've had a massive clean out and dropped several big bags off at Savers and it could be in the next one.

I also picked up a pair of almond toe black flats from Harris Scarf for $15.

In February, I went back to Savers and scored with a couple of nice summer dresses.

This Suzanne Grae number was BNWT and I've already worn it three times. I believe it's meant to go off the shoulder but it works just as well on the shoulder.

This Target number is one of those rare finds for me, sleeveless without showing bra gape.

Also got a sleeveless black TEMT number with a lace inlay that I haven't worn yet.

Finally, this embroidered tank, all for $35.

You might remember I have been acting as the official Instagrammer for the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets which take place on the first Fridays of November, December, February and March. It's been a lot of fun and there's lots of interesting and cool stalls and things to look at. Lots of jewellery - it's super tempting. At the most recent one in Feb, I got these powdercoated aluminium earrings. They are super light and easy to wear. $30 is more than I usually would pay for earrings but these were so cool and I knew I'd regret it if I didn't get them because I have been looking for decorative dark coloured earrings that weren't black for ages. (They are actually grey in real life, if you're like "but they're black")

On the jewellery theme, I popped into the Red Cross Superstore one day and found this necklace which I liked, so I bought it for $8.

I also discovered some money in my PayPal account - which, as we all know, is free money so I jumped on ASOS and bought a dress that I'm returning and this Only Ena Strings top*. As a bonus, ASOS have a 15% off full priced event for Mardi Gras starting Thursday 1 March until Sunday 4 March with code YESYESYES.

Finally, I got an email from Cotton On featuring these Caitlin kimono sleeve wrap maxi dresses* that could also be worn open as a kimono and I went and tried one on and I really liked it and even though it was full price at $49.95 and I would normally sale stalk such a thing, I went back the next day and bought it. My eyes are now on the black version* and here's a bonus just for you guys: an exclusive affiliate code for 15% off full priced items, valid until 1 June! Use code S5L65933XH94. In the immortal words of Maui, "you're welcome!"

Right so after all that, here are the stats for the first two months of 2018 where I was meant to reel in my shopping 😬😬😬

Monthly totals for January

Items acquired: 11
Total RRP ticket "value" - $714.80
Total paid - $203

Monthly totals for February

Items acquired: 8
Total RRP ticket "value" - $287.80
Total paid - $147.45

YTD spend - $350.45
YTD "value" - $1,002.60

Are you tracking your spending this year? Have you ever done it? Can you get me a fun job somewhere nice with cool people in the Adelaide CBD?


* denotes affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I earn a small amount of coin to keep me off the dole. For more information, see my PR & Media policy.

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