Never Say Never: Jumpsuit

November 19, 2017

At the start of the year, I had grand plans of doing a monthly "never say never" challenge, but in the immortal words of Powderfinger, this life turned out nothing like I had planned.

So let's talk jumpsuits. I assume I was dressed in romper suits as an infant and have vague recollections of a lime green playsuit type affair sometime in the early 90s but that's the last time I wore any kind of all-in-one legged garment.

The term jumpsuit always conjured up images of tight disco-style shiny arrangements or 80s shoulder-padded Dynasty numbers so I kept myself well away from those kind of style shenanigans until they started reappearing in recent years in a more subdued form.

My thoughts then changed to be more along the "yes, all well and good but not flattering for someone 161cm tall with thighs / mum tum / mum bum" but my friend Claire changed my mind in the ensemble she rocked for Australia Day last year that was indistinguishable from a dress. In the spirit of Never Say Never and thanks to some ASOS voucher credit, I took a chance on this one.

I was concerned as there were no size 12s left so I took a gamble on the 10.

Bad move. I couldn't even get it done up at the back, never mind the hot mess at the front.

In a moment of madness, I took another gamble on ASOS's jumpsuit selection but I feel like I may have done a bit better . . .

ASOS jumpsuit | Almost Posh

ASOS jumpsuit | Almost Posh

ASOS jumpsuit | Almost Posh

Verdict: Never Say Never!

Do you have an opinion on jumpsuits? Would you wear one ever / again?

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