#StyleCost2017: May

June 02, 2017

As mentioned somewhere else on the internet, I briefly considered a "No-Pay May" abstinence month but then I remembered I was going to Sydney and where's the fun in that. I do like a challenge but I'm also not a robot so normal retail activity took place.

The first items I acquired were by way of taking some stuff into a local clothing exchange and getting some store credit which I promptly turned around into an Alice In The Eve lace-up back blazer and a leopard print faux fur scarf. I finally accepted the size 6 blazer was in fact too small for me and passed it on to my sister but the scarf came in handy for a "Day At The Zoo" themed first birthday party I attended with my cheeky monkey in tow.

a day at the zoo outfit | Almost Posh

Also for the party, I picked up this cat ear headband from Kmart for $9 and turned myself into a real-life Snapchat filter.

Kmart cat headband | Almost Posh

While in Kmart, I also picked up this lace-up hoodie which I really like BUT it started to pill on the second wear which was disappointing but what can you expect for $15.

Kmart hoodie | Almost Posh

Also nabbed a tie-up top in - HOLD THE FRONT PAGE - stripes, also for $15 but I got the wrong size and I still haven't exchanged it yet, so bear with me on that.

I had been looking for long tan boots for ages and finally popped on these ones from Spendless, accidentally stylejacking Kathy from work, but she was okay with it. I paid full price but only because I was dead keen. Also on my long-term wishlist was a khaki anorak*. I had specific requirements in mind; a fur-lined hood, a sherpa-lined interior, functional side pockets and a drawstring waist. Behold, Katies and their 40% off sale . . . it was eventually mine for $59.40. I say eventually because there was a glitch with the online ordering system and I got charged full tote odds but eventually the customer team got back to me and sent a refund through. Anyway, here they are pictured together.

I was on the hunt for a soft grey knit and I tried on several high-end ones from Witchery that made me look like a hot water bottle. Depressed, I browsed through Harris Scarfe on a whim and picked up this grey light knit with silver spots for a mere $20.

While in Sydney, I visited Ali at Philosophy Australia, as detailed in my post last week, who very kindly gave me a couple of clothing gifts; this Aztec knit and a long sleeved reversible jersey top . . .

Philosophy Australia | Almost Posh

Also on the Sydney trip, I scored big at H&M who NEED TO COME ON WITH IT TO ADELAIDE, AMIRITE? Please explain why they have a fully functional website displaying the entire range with no ability to actually BUY the stuff.

Anyway, I have wanted a black tulle midi skirt for roughly ever, and they delivered, with this number for $29.

Also got a rad long top in (surprise, surprise) stripes (but they are VERTICAL, you guys) and it's short sleeved so I haven't had a chance to photograph it yet because FREEZING.

And this pink waterfall cardi caught my eye, so I got that too. It is single-handedly responsible for rescuing this dress from the donate pile and I'm wishing I got other colours now. Anyone headed east in the near future?

See that rose gold leaf necklace? I also got that in the same visit. Turns out it was broken in half and that's why it was catching on everything. URGHHHH. FAIL. Happily I was able to pick up a replacement at Kmart for $5.

I stylejacked Caitlin unknowingly with the cardi but blatantly and unapologetically with this blush blanket scarf.

That was going to be it for the month until The Iconic* dropped 25% off on selected items and my wishlisted boots* happened to be part of that selection . . .

Monthly totals

Items acquired: 12
Total RRP ticket "value" - $558.90
Total paid - $290.19
YTD spend - $1,086.18
YTD "value" - $2,396.96


* denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of coin to put towards next month's expenditure. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy.

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