Review: Nivea Cleansing Cream Wash

May 29, 2017

I don’t know about you but when I think of Nivea, I think of a brand that is soft and gentle on skin and this new face wash certainly fits in with that perception.

The Nivea Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash, part of the Daily Essentials range, does exactly what it says on the sturdy dark blue tube it’s packaged in; it’s cream (sorry, creme) and it cleanses. I was sent it by BEAUTY / crew to provide my opinion on it a while back and have duly done so.

Nivea Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash | Almost Posh

Usually I go for a more robust face-cleaning product that has some kind of scrub and / or foam factor. It’s easy to feel that with this product, it’s not doing anything because it doesn’t foam up. It’s like washing your face with moisturiser which, to be fair, is quite nice and leaves the skin feeling appropriately moisturised, as you’d expect.

It’s a product that claims to be gentle enough for all skin types and it certainly feels like it wouldn’t cause any kind of irritation or reaction. I found it delivered a clean enough face without my skin feeling dry afterwards but didn’t have that astringently clean feeling I go for.

Used in conjunction with a separate scrub product would be okay, however if I was looking for an all-in-one cleanser, I probably wouldn’t reach for this one that often. I would certainly recommend to people with sensitive skin.  It's an affordable, accessible product and one worth investigating if it sounds like your thing.

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Rock on!

Do you look for gentle cleansing products or use Nivea already? Tell me.

I was provided this product for review by BEAUTY / crew and a modified version of this review has appeared there. All images, words and opinions are my own. For more information, see my PR & Media policy.

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