Review: Garnier Nude Effect Self-Adjusting BB Cream

March 20, 2017

The first BB cream I ever tried was the original Garnier release when it first came out and I was happy enough with the results that I wore it in place of traditional foundation for quite some time until I needed a bit more oomph in terms of coverage.

I had the opportunity to trial Garnier's new release, the Nude Effect Self-Adjusting BB Cream thanks to BEAUTY / crew so here's what it's all about.

Garnier Nude Effect Self-Adjusting BB Cream | Almost Posh

So what does it mean by "self-adjusting" ? Well, much like CC (colour correcting) creams, the product is white but, like a karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon, changes colour to match and blend into your skin. Which is quite frankly, amazing to watch for the first time. As such, there shouldn't be any issues with shade matching because the micro-pigments do all the work for you. That's why it's called a "universal shade". I'd be interested to see how it performs on very dark or very pale skin but as it goes, I'm stuck with my mid-toned epidermal layer to test it on and it definitely did blend in without issue.

Garnier Nude Effect Self-Adjusting BB Cream | Almost Posh

A BB cream is a multi-tasker so you're looking at a product that can moisturise, act as a light foundation, contains sunscreen (SPF15) and colour corrects as we've mentioned which is fab for when you're short on time and care factor in terms of mucking around with your face. I threw this on for non-work days when I still needed to leave the house in a presentable fashion (ie kindy drop-offs) and it performed well. I did find it left more of a dewy look to the skin, which I sometimes interpret as sweaty but if that's your jam, then you'd be happy with the result. It definitely gave a hydrated feel and was comfortable to wear without feeling greasy or tacky. You only need a small amount for a lightweight coverage so it will last forever. Packaged in Garnier's standard flip-top tube format, it will be easy to throw in the handbag or suitcase if you're on the move.

Garnier Nude Effect Self-Adjusting BB Cream | Almost Posh

Garnier is a totally affordable brand, available in supermarkets and Priceline* (currently 2 for 3 on selected products OR hold out until Wednesday / Thursday for the 40% off cosmetics sale), so nabbing this for even less than the $15.95 RRP will not be difficult.

I'd recommend this for low key looks and #mumlife.

Do you use a BB or CC cream? What's next? DD cream? You heard it here first.

This product was provided by BEAUTY / crew and this review has appeared in a modified format on their site. Images, words and opinions my own. For more information, see my PR & Media policy.

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