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March 17, 2017

One of the main reasons I'd like to get married again (to the same dude, obvs) is the joy of selecting and wearing a gorgeous dress, accessories and likewise choosing any bridesmaid regalia. It's nearly 10 whole years since I did actually tie the knot (!) and at the time I would never have thought about ordering such items online but it's totally a thing now and when you have access to beautiful and still affordable items, why wouldn't you.

Here's what I've worn to a couple of previous weddings.

Enter ASOS with the Wedding Shop, featuring all manner of accoutrements for bride, groom, bridal party members and guests; from The Dress down to lingerie, shoes, clutches and headwear. Behold:

So anyway, until I can talk husband into a renewing of vows, I'll have to settle for being a guest. ASOS has me covered on that angle as well.

Tips for wedding guest dressing (all opinions my own and subject to debate):

  • Items that are clean, ironed and in good repair
  • Something suitable for the location, weather and time of day
  • An outfit that's comfortable for sitting, standing and dancing if that's your jam
  • Shoes you can either switch out or are comfortable enough for the above
  • A long white dress
  • Jeans unless specifically requested to do so
  • Dirty, damaged or ridiculously revealing clothing
  • Anything too full-on. It's not about outshining the bride.

Have you got any weddings coming up, be it your own or somebody else's? What are you wearing?

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