#AlmostPoshStyleCost: November

December 02, 2016

I felt like I went a bit nuts in November until I went to write this round-up post for the #AlmostPoshStyleCost project and realised almost all of the retail activity took place in the first five days. As Christmas approaches, I've hauled in the random spendage in order to facilitate gift buying but a gift voucher and crazy sales makes things less spendy. I was also holding out for the Black Friday sales that drop on the fourth Friday of November for Americans and, increasingly, here.

As payment for a couple of DJ gigs, I was given an ASOS voucher, so I wasted no time jumping online and taking advantage of a 20% off sale. I ended up ordering four dresses and a necklace during the free money frenzy. Since ASOS have now got on board with free returns (HALLELOO!) it makes taking a punt a whole lot easier.

When the parcel arrived, I tried everything on. Two dresses made the cut, the other two and the necklace went back. Which means store credit. YAY!

style london fringed dress | Almost Posh

I wasn't sure about the fringe part of the Style London Festival dress with fringe as I worried I might look a bit lamp-shadey but I'm down with it now.

yumi floral shift dress | Almost Posh

Excuse the bored expression but I really do like this Yumi floral shift dress.

A few days later, I was shopping with Mum and we hit up Crossroads during a 30% off errythang sale, including sale items. I nabbed three items for the sum total of $35, namely:

crossroads split back top | Almost Posh

This lightweight split back jumper -  I wasn't expecting to actually wear it before it got cool again but of course, Adelaide's eternal winter didn't disappoint. This is actually a maternity top. Do I care? Nope.

crossroads pleat blouse | Almost Posh

I like a blouse but finding the right one can be difficult sometimes, especially with button-gaping a serious issue. Was happy to nab this one, also maternity, also no effs given. It also worked out nicely on this day as I could blouse it out at the back to disguise the fact I didn't have the skirt zipped up all the way after a big lunch.

Finally, another striped shirt to add into the rotation. Don't stop til you get enough. This one has longer sleeves and is a heavier weight though, so totally necessary. I haven't got a pic though, soz.

I'd been stalking these tan lace-up heels at Spendless for ages and one day, my husband woke up and decided he needed a complete smart casual ensemble for upcoming Christmas functions. Cue a trip to the Plaza, waning interest after trying on more than two pairs of pants and then a nice suede-finish find in Spendless, who were having a "buy 2, get $20 off" sale. Well, it would have been FOOLISH for me not to take advantage so we treated ourselves from the joint account and went and had lunch in the food court. I haven't worn them yet.

Not much more action until I went down to Rivers last weekend to procure some shorts for said husband and discovered they were having 40% off storewide. Again, I treated myself, namely with this paisley bordered dress:

Rivers paisley border dress | Almost Posh

And these nifty cropped pants:

Rivers cropped pattern pants | Almost Posh

And finally these loose black pants which will be great for hot weather. I've decided these kind of pants will be my jam this summer, unless I find some kind of miracle shorts. And yes, that is Dyson dust.

rivers loose cropped pants | Almost Posh

Clothes and Shoes
Items acquired: 9
Total original ticket "value": $452.80
Paid: $138.95
YTD Spend: $1,714.60
YTD "Value": $3,581.16

In terms of accessorizzles, I picked up a pair of earrings on sale from Mimco with my $30 birthday reward voucher (and scored free shipping during the Vogue Online Shopping Event, whoop) and a cute silicon necklace which is technically a teething one but whevs because I can squish the little beads myself rather than having a kid chew on them. Don't get it twisted with all this maternal fashion though, we are one and done!

Items acquired: 2
Total original ticket "value": $54
Paid: $23.95
YTD Spend: $101.40
YTD "Value": $947.57

I did acquire one more item of "clothing" and that will be the topic of an extra special blog event in conjunction with three other Adelaide bloggers, coming to you live this Sunday. Keep an eye out for it!

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