SPEICK Men Care Shaving Cream & Foam Review [guest post]

November 28, 2016

A while back, I had my husband Dale give his thoughts in a guest post featuring the SPEICK range of men's shower gel. Clearly they were impressed with his forthright no-nonsense review style as they kindly asked him to try out their range of shaving gels and foams.

Over to Dale . . .

speick men shaving products | Almost Posh

It took me a while to get around to reviewing the SPEICK Men Care range of shaving products as I only use a razor for shaving on the weekends. My electric shaver does the job during the week.

Another reason I held off was the fact that the lubricating strip on the Mach 3 razors tend to make a bit of a sticky, stringy, foamy compound when new and mixed with shaving foams / gels. Anyone else get this? Anyway, the lubricating strip has now lost its lube, so here is my review.

SPEICK Men Hydro Sensitive Shaving Foam (soothing with aloe vera) 

SPEICK hydro sensitive shaving foam | Almost Posh

This product comes in a blue pressurised container with a slitted nozzle that dispenses the foam in a flat, ribbon-like stream. It's made from real soap and is vegan friendly. The fragrance of the speick plant dominates. It lubricates well and washes off cleanly.

Editor's note: contains skin-smoothing wheat proteins and organic aloe vera gel and is free from mineral oil-based ingredients.

SPEICK Men Active Shaving Cream

This creamy foam has a very similar feel to the canned foam once lathered up. It is also made from real soap with that pine-y speick scent. A good one to pack for travelling when the pressurised container can't come with you. This is another vegan product.

Editor's note: This stuff undergoes a 12-week maturing process to develop its smoothness and sheen! It contains no synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives.

SPEICK Men Shaving Cream

speick men shaving cream | Almost Posh

This blue tube seems to be made of metal, like toothpaste tubes from 30+ years ago. Haven't seen a tube like this for a while! The contents within do the job once again but this time the lavender scent dominates. No mention of vegan suitability on this one.

Editor's note: Contains beeswax so is not vegan-friendly. Also contains lavender oil. Undergoes the same 12-week maturing process as the SPEICK Men Active product.

speick men shaving products | Almost Posh

I guess not much can be said about shaving foams and creams. Their purpose is to lubricate during the shaving process and all three did that . . . no rashes when finished. Smelt good too.

There is, however, another step to shaving and that's a final aftershave and moisturise. If SPEICK have this product line as well, I'm more than happy to give it a go!

Dale was kindly gifted these products for review. Images are mine, words are mostly his and some of mine, all are authentic. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy.

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