LUSH Adelaide Press Preview Event

December 05, 2016

A little while back, you might remember I was invited to the Bloggers United x LUSH event out at Marion Shopping Centre. It was a lovely event and we all had a very nice time. And I got given this awesome face mask which I love because it is like a mix of coffee and tequila so I'm not even mad when I get a little in my mouth.

LUSH cup o'coffee face mask | Almost Posh

The issue I've always had with LUSH is that it's so damn popular, you cannot get into the city store without having to squeeze and squish your way around. I'm not into crowds or elbows in the ribs so I tend to avoid it.

All that is about to change with the opening of LUSH's new city store, which is literally next door to where they were on the ground floor of the Myer Centre in Rundle Mall. This store is set to be the largest one in Australia and I was excited to get an invitation to be one of the first to go check it out!

Lush Adelaide new store opening night | Almost Posh

There were lovely cocktails to try . . .

Lush Adelaide new store opening night | Almost Posh

Lush Adelaide new store opening night | Almost Posh

And of course loads of LUSH's gorgeous signature products everywhere you looked . . .

LUSH bath bombs | Almost Posh

You could make your own bath bombs . . .

LUSH bath bombs | Almost Posh

Or test out some of the products with the help of LUSH's expert staff. The LUSH team know all there is to know about their products; what's in it, where it comes from, what it does and what they love about it! Here's Lauren from Teacher Types (and Almost Posh contributor) getting her arm shampooed and conditioned . . .

LUSH Adelaide opening night event | Almost Posh

And we got to see bath bombs in action!

LUSH bath bombs | Almost Posh

Annoyingly, something was wrong with my phone. It has been draining the battery rapidly lately - I left work at 56% and by the time I arrived at LUSH an hour later, it was at 6% which meant it died almost immediately.

Thanks to Lauren for sending this pic of me getting the Queen Bee hair honey styling product tested.

LUSH Adelaide opening night event | Almost Posh

And for getting this group shot!

LUSH Adelaide opening night event | Almost Posh

That's Lauren on the left, me, Jenni from Styling Curvy and Caitlin from Twist of Cait.

When we entered the event, we were each given a generous gift voucher to spend on anything we liked! There were loads of things I wanted to try so I talked to the staff at length and people I knew who had tried certain things like Di from Max The Unicorn to make sure I got some good stuff!

Think I did pretty well . . .

LUSH haul | Almost Posh

Stay tuned for a review post!

Many thanks to LUSH Adelaide for having us, gifting us and putting on a lovely event and Kate and Nici at Promote SA for getting us in!

Are you a Lushie? What's your favourite product?

I was a guest at this event and was gifted a voucher to purchase the products shown. All images, words and opinions are mine, apart from the two Lauren took and sent to me thanks to my phone failure. For more information, please see my PR and Media policy.

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