Neutral Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist

September 26, 2016

When I visited Sydney last year, I visited Sephora for the first time and treated myself to the Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte palette, amongst other goodies.

Behold the matte neutral wonderment of it . . .

It cost $67 which is a huge amount for my budget-driven self but it has been an extremely sensible investment because I've used it virtually every day since and have held off from buying any others as a result. (I've also got the Tarte Poppy Picnic palette which is very nice and has a pretty blush as well). So really, I've saved money.

Having said that . . .

I do deeply love this palette, it's fully versatile and all the colours are completely wearable. The quality is high, the shades are blendable and work well as liners also. The only thing is that they are all matte. And this is largely fine because I tend to stick to mattes, especially for day wear. But over time, I've grown to come to need a palette that offers a little shimmer to amp up a look for night-time without going full foil metallic.

So here are the palettes I've been perusing for just a little shimmer:

Tarte Cosmetics: Tartelette Tease - $32

The price is right and I really only need a small selection of shades - the trouble with this one is that four of the shades are matte and quite similar to what I already have in the OG Tartelette.

ZOEVA:  Rose Golden Palette - $38

I've been eyeballing this one for ages and have got so far as to add it to cart a couple of times but the cooler blue and mauve shades put me off as they tend to make me look I've got an eye injury.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette - $72

I've swatched (and sniffed!) this one in Mecca and it's lovely . . . again, the purpley-blue shades have stopped any actual purchase. This is also way up there in terms of costing.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette - $95

Gwen has long been an icon of mine and, in my mind, hardly puts a foot wrong in terms of style.This palette is deeply gorgeous and these shades all look pretty wearable apart from that cobalt blue. The price tho . . . sad face.

Hourglass Cosmetics Modernist Eyeshadow Palette - $87

I've been pining for one / some / all of these palettes from Hourglass for some time now. If I had the funds, I would buy this in all colour-ways just to look at them admiringly.  Did I mention it's my birthday soon? Just saying.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette - $25.95

Obviously the price is attractive and I keep seeing it on sale in various places but am yet to make the plunge. I'm just concerned the quality won't be up to expectations after using a higher-ended product. Maybe it's the sponge-tip applicators putting me off . . .

Have you got any of these palettes? Got any other recommendations?

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