Posh Picks: Style For The Standing Desk

August 10, 2016

Can I tell you, I absolutely love it when people who read the blog ask if I can "do something" on one topic or another. This happened recently so this week's Posh Picks is around what to wear for the new office trend of standing desks.

More and more corporate environments are getting on board with this concept to improve the ergonomic situation of their workers. Our new office fitout features full sit/stand desks scattered throughout (as opposed to the raising platforms that sit on a regular desk) and the people I've spoken to think they are brilliant. I would totally request one if I worked full-time as sitting all day can be an actual pain in the rear.

Regular Almost Posh contributor Bridie has a standing desk at her work. She recommends the book Deskbound by Kelly Starrett as a start. What else should you look for?

Comfortable Shoes. Teetering at your desk in spindly heels is going to undo any of the good you'll get by standing rather than sitting. However flats can sometimes stumpify the legs with certain skirt lengths. Whether you commit to a flat for the full day or switch out for standing time, you might want to consider whether your shoes work for your outfit. Yeah, there is a "zero effs in the name of comfort" factor, but in the immortal words of the Old El Paso girl;  Por qué no tenemos dos?

Note; these are not my usual budget-friendly picks. Apparently comfort costs money.

Now this is a new thing! I'm trialling LinkLay for shoppable images, so click on the little plus symbol to see details and then the View Online button to visit the store if the mood takes you. Snazzy, right?

Forgiving Waist. In the seated position, you can let everything hang out with the right amount of drape and enjoy digesting that pub lunch in private. I know I'm not the only one to have unbuttoned after a particularly enormous schnitzel and you don't get that option at a standing desk. Comfort waistbands are key. Ensure you have adequate coverage of your business with a tunic or long shirt style.

Appropriate Length. Goes without saying in any situation really but you don't want to be tugging at your hemline when you're trying to type. If a dress is your jam, you want to be able to sit and stand comfortably and cutely.

Have you got a standing desk at work or home? Would you like to try one? I totally would.

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