Posh Picks: Wraps and Ponchos

July 13, 2016

Prior to this season, ponchos always made me think of the crocheted granny squares number made for me by a relative in the early 80s in a riotous array of colours that I now understand to be using up wool remnants. I'd post a picture but unfortunately (fortunately?) my Mum is still in Darwin.

These days of course, they are a lot more . . . shall we say, neutral in tone and their sister, the blanket wrap, is just as popular. 

Now, personally, I like something where you can still see my arms so I don't look like some kind of human-sized lollipop. I also look for a light knit so it's not too voluminous. Team with a skinny leg so you don't look like you're wearing an actual quilt off the bed. Here's me wearing one from Cotton On that has armholes and I've belted it for some shape.

Blanket wrap | Almost Posh

I also recently won a Millers one in an Instagram competition thanks to Toddlers Plus Teens, so that was exciting.

Blanket wrap | Almost Posh

The other good thing about ponchos and wraps is that one size generally fits most, so no need to worry about sizing . . . great for online shopping and giftage!

This week in Posh Picks, I've collected some cute ponchos and blanket wraps that are also budget friendly - all under 50 bones. 

Don't forget to check out the blush and grey one from Freez in last week's round-up, that was cute too.

Blanket wraps and ponchos | Almost Posh

Where do you stand on the matter of blanket wraps / ponchos? Did you have a crocheted one as a kid?

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