Posh Picks: Freez Fashion for Freezing Weather

July 06, 2016

It's official, I am a seasonal sook.

Call it Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, call it normal human behaviour but with non-stop wet weather and the temperature in Adelaide hovering around 13 degrees (aka freezing point in our South Australian hearts and minds), I have had about as much winter as I can handle right now. Everything is cold . . . toilet seats, my eyeballs, metal accents on pants . . . I've had wet towels on the back line since June and I don't want to do anything except sit in front of the gas log fire in sloppy trackies, borging on pasta and gritty British crime drama.

You too?

When it's too gross to get out and hit the shops, at least we have online to see us through these trying times. I've picked out some things that will serve you handsomely should you need to leave your house looking cute / in something other than pants of the track variety once in a while in the coming months. Inspired by my friend and guest contributor Bridie who had to entertain the notion of going into town late on a Friday night and battle the weather and Port Adelaide supporters in order to find an outfit for the following night. Spoiler alert, she didn't but it all worked out in the end.

All of my selections have sleeves - CRITICAL - and they are all totally workable with tights (pref. fleece-lined) boots and jackets as required. As a bonus, come spring time (anytime you like, Spring, for reals) and you can shuck those extra layers for those warmer days (I repeat, HURRY).

Freez Fashion Winter Dresses | Almost Posh

1. Jaase Indiana Maxi | $79 (also available in different prints)
2. Freez 2 Pocket Cardi | $39
3. Freez Pocketed Tunic Dress | $59
4. Jaase Emma Dress | $55
5. Label of Love Poncho | $39
6. Spicy Sugar Shirt Dress | $59
7. Freez Pocket Tunic | $59
8. Spicy Sugar Ruffle Dress | Was $59 ON SALE $39

Can you stand the rain? I can't. And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop it?

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