#AlmostPoshStyleCost : May

June 03, 2016

It's time to wrap up May's purchases as part of the #AlmostPoshStyleCost project.

I held off a bit in April and the start of May because I knew I had holidays coming and it's always more fun to hit up a new shopping locale!

Having said that, I did nab a couple of things before I went on hols. The first was a cream chunky cable knit scarf from Kmart. Actually, I went and got the pompom one first for $12 but then decided I preferred the pompomless version so I exchanged it and then the other one ended up being only $6 so that worked out well and I used the $6 credit to buy a few things for my daughter.

Then the Vogue Online Shopping Event dropped and you know I still had that $23.11 in credit at The Iconic so I popped on an identified Shopping List essential item, these Spurr Cypress long tan boots^ (not to be confused with the battle of). They arrived the next day which was most pleasing. What was not pleasing was that they were so baggy and over long for my legs so I had to send them back when I returned from holidays. BOO.

Off to Melbs I went and upon arrival, went straight to the factory outlet at Spencer Street, wheeling my suitcase along with me. I got to discover Trade Secret for the first time where I picked up this oatmeal coatigan for $34.95.

As I mentioned, I had grand plans of hitting up the Southbank DFO but due to a lack of time and complete flusteredness, I had 45 minutes to race through and pretty much buy a whole outfit in which to meet blogger ladies that didn't look like I'd got dressed hungover (which I had). With time ticking away, I ran into Dotti where I pulled this shirt dress ($20), leggings ($20) and necklace ($1) for $41.

I'm not thrilled with the shirt dress at this stage. I pulled it out to wear the other day and it was very creasy and sloppy looking. Whether it stays in my cupboard remains to be seen.

I had more luck in Brisbane when my day in the city (which also involved meeting more lovely bloggers) saw me score 2 for $40 ponte pants in both burgundy and olive in Crossroads. I'd been wanting to expand my scope of winter trouser from plain black and these two on-trend colours seemed a perfect way to do it. ALERT: They are currently on sale for $15 each so GET. IN.

The shop assistant was so funny and chatty that I also allowed myself to be upsold into a $10 striped long sleeved tee because as if that's not going to come in handy.

Here's the burgundy pants. Pretty stoked to get an exact match on the lipstick (Australis Velourlips in Doo-Bai). It's worth noting these are quite pant-like, not leggingsy, so they won't automatically work under every dress.

Here's the striped tee under the grey cardigan I picked up at Rivers shortly after:

Also at Rivers, I picked up the tan ankle boots you can see in the coatigan picture above. They were having a 40% off members sale (which appears to be ongoing so check it out) plus I had a $5 rewards voucher so BARGAINIC.

Mentally slapping myself for sticking to shops I had ready access to at home, I scarpered to H&M where I wheeled around shrieking manically (in my head) at all the options on offer. Seriously, H&M - GET TO ADELAIDE OR OPEN YOUR ONLINE STORE, FOR REALS.

I could have gone so much more nuts but I stuck to this grey tee with proper sleeves, oooh and a check dress to facilitate my onboarding of the tartan trend this season - I am yet to take a picture in it though, so keep an eye on Insta.

Side note: I'm resisting the trend to call it plaid and this is why.

Back home in Adelaide, the weather had turned and I was induced swiftly into winter which was a rude shock. Having literally binned my black long boots last season due to holes, I went on a search one lunchtime to find replacements. Sales everywhere but very little to be found in a mid-calf length suitable for shorties. Finally, I found these in the last place I looked, The Shoe Shed (who were having a very agreeable 20% off boots), so I paid $63.95 for these Step On Air numbers. I was all excited at first, having seen "leather" on the label until I found out later it was "leather sock" and synthetic upper. Still, pretty reasonable and they are squishy and comfortable.

Finally, on the last day of the month, I picked up a Bettina Liano sweater at Costco for $17.99 which I wore layered over an old Cotton On striped tee, the olive version of the Crossroads pants and the boots as mentioned above. Photo taken by my new Samsung Galaxy S7, MUCH EXCITE.

Now, you might have heard me mention my dyscalculia in the past and I have made a couple of errors in my Excel spreadsheet by showing my returned items as minus amounts which errored my total spend. I've adjusted it now.

Clothes and Shoes
Items acquired: 13
Total original ticket "value": $381.64
Paid: $290.79
YTD Spend: $914.52
YTD "Value": $1596.12

With that, I've gone over the alleged amount the average Australian woman spends annually on clothes, which is $834. Still unsure as to whether that includes shoes, which I don't believe it does. If I minus out footwear, I'm at $739.59.

Items acquired: 2
Total original ticket "value": $27
Paid: $7
YTD Spend: $38
YTD "Value": $567

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