Almost Posh On Tour

May 20, 2016

So I'm still on holidays and enjoying myself tremendously doing all manner of holidayish things, not least of which has been meeting up with some blogger peeps!

I don't get to travel as often as I used to but when I head interstate these days, I try and hook up with some people I've connected with through this magical medium of blogging. As an introvert who can't handle forced small talk, this is quite challenging for me but every time I've pushed myself, I've been rewarded by meeting some truly ace people and making Real Life Friends. 

Firstly, in Melbs, I got hold of Bron from Flat Bum Mum who in turn wrangled some #RealMumStyle ladies; Jules (See Me Swoon), Kutira (Superkombi), Steph (Steph And The Toads) and Kirsty (GFashionista) to meet us for a drink in Southbank. Now, let me tell you, I had a plan of attack and outfit worked out. However I ended up dressing for comfort that morning after a big night out and my plans went awry after I got sidetracked geocaching, leaving me only 45 minutes at the DFO. I frantically raced around stores getting more wound up and agitated before finally purchasing a shirt dress, leggings and necklace to hurriedly change into at the toilets in Crown. I hate being late so I was flustered when I arrived but the lovely ladies soon put me at ease and we spent a nice time chatting, tip swapping and enjoying a laugh, some wine and chips!

In Brisbane, I arranged to meet Mica from Away From The Blue and her lovely bubby in the city one morning. We met in the traditional Brisbanian meeting place in front of Hungry Jacks in Queen Street, had delightfully delicious cake and a lovely chat in a cute cafe before a bit of a stroll about Queen St Mall, taking in Forever 21, Uniqlo and Target where I continued to enable Mica in person by encouraging the purchase of a top ($10, as if you wouldn't!) I am intrigued by the Uniqlo concept featuring a dazzling array of basics which my friend Stacie and I have been dreaming about for years and Mica was particularly taken by machine-washable silk for $19.95. 

I had an hour or so in between seeing her off and meeting my next hook-up so I wandered into the Myer Centre, where I hit up Crossroads and Rivers to good effect and then I asked myself why I was wasting valuable interstate shopping time in stores readily available in Adelaide so I popped into H&M and it was like the mother ship. So. Much. Stuff. From basics to sequinned goodies, all for very reasonable prices. I picked a couple of things up which I'll go into more detail during my #AlmostPoshStyleCost round-up at the end of this month.

I was still recovering from this retail buzz when the totally-not-lame Kate from Loveface Beauty arrived on the scene, having hauled herself up from the Gold Coast, and we immediately agreed that food and lots of it was the way to move forward. We sat in a place overlooking a busy intersection and chattered and ate and drank large serves of wine while enjoying the jams being played, our own general hilarity and a feeling that we really could have owned that stage with some serious twerking had it not still been daylight. Far too soon it was time to return ourselves to domestic life via train.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who made the effort and braved public transport to come and catch up with me while I was in your vicinity and please hit me up if you're ever in Rads so that I may repay the favour!

Have you ever gone on a blogger visiting tour or caught up with bloggers interstate?

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