Posh Picks: Packing for ADL > MEL > BNE

May 11, 2016

Months and months ago, I organised a weekend away in Melbourne for a work reunion mid-May. After a couple of reshuffles due to family birthdays, school holidays and Mothers Day, we finally settled and locked in a date. Yay, holiday!

We get down the track and in a concurrent long story, we get the opportunity to cat-sit in Brisbane when my sister-in-law and her family go to Bali. My husband already had a month of long service leave booked for the month of May and I am always gagging for a holiday so of course I was all like:


Naturally enough, the two dates coincided because LIFE but I was determined to make it work, which is why I will be farewelling the huz and the bubby as they fly to Brisbane, then heading back to the airport myself the next day and flying out to Melbourne where I will do my thing then fly from Melbourne to Brisbane two days later and then we'll all fly back together after a Brisbane holiday. Don't even think about robbing my house because we have a housesitter installed.

Throw in an oversized bike box and all the logistics required to facilitate said bike box and luggage and car seat and it's all getting complicated, right?

Well, let me tell you, it's nothing compared to working out what to pack for these significantly different climates involving a number of different occasions. I am useless at packing and usually end up with a selection comprising seven pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of ill-fitting jeans, a jumper, bathers, three scarves and a ballgown.

Adelaide is set to be 22 and mostly sunny on the day I leave, which is fine considering I'm flying out in the morning and only need to get from my house to the airport via car. Melbourne will allegedly be much the same and 21 which is great because I don't like wearing bulky coats on the plane. Having said that, you cannot trust Melbourne weather at all. AT ALL. And since we're going out at night for dinner AND a night game of football at the MCG (with night-time lows around 14) means I will almost certainly need something warm. I'm also catching up with Bron from Flat Bum Mum and some other Melbs ladies, so I need to be cute.

Brisbane weather is set to be high 20s and events will hopefully include more blogger meet-ups and journeying around with the family. Historically, I am not good at cute holiday style and tend to go for extreme casual comfort but I've tried to lift this time. It's just so hard to imagine warmer weather coming from the tail-end of (admittedly, a pretty mild) autumn.

So for 12 days away, here's what I've come up while trying to maintain my Signature Style:

[L-R]: Atmos & Here striped shirt, Target striped shirt, Best & Less top, Kmart top, other Kmart top (sorry about the cropping)

 [L-R]: Katies denim dress, Katies striped tunic

[L-R]: Cotton On jeans, Mikey M pleggings, Mix Apparel denim skirt, Millers cropped jeggings x 2

[L-R]: White cami, black cami, black tights, Rivers hat, Kmart leopard print scarf, leopard print belt.

[L-R]: Rivers striped hoodie, Mix Apparel black soft pants, Bonds tee

Just in case this all turns out to be horribly wrong, I do have a date with the DFO in Southbank which I've been saving my shopping for. On the "Critical" list is a warm casual coat and boots both black and tan. Do I risk not taking any kind of outerwear in the hope of picking something up over there??

Have you got any holidays lined up? What are you like at packing?

Please note, Posh Picks will be on hiatus for the two weeks-ish that I'm away because holidays. Monday and Friday posts will continue as normal.

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