Love That Lippie Haul

January 18, 2016

You might remember that last year, I travelled to Sydney for various fun activities and one of them included meeting the very lovely Christina.

Christina is formerly of Love That Lippie and has recently (and sadly) retired from blogging. As a result, she had a massive cleanout of her impressive stash which she very generously parcelled out to friends.

I was lucky enough to be one of said friends and when she asked if I was interested in a few lippies, I'm all OMG, YES PLEASE (thinking a handful would arrive at some point).

So when this metric tonne of goodies arrived in the post, I was blown away!

Lipstick Haul | Almost Posh

MAC, Lime Crime, Colour Pop, Klara, Covergirl . . . all sorts of rad fun stuff in a wild variety of shades and finishes.

I spent an afternoon swatching and sorting and selecting the keepers before paying it forward and offering up the rest to friends. I tried to be realistic about what suited me and also kept some of the really crazy shades like Lime Crime "Black Velvet" for future dress up / costume opportunities.

Lipstick Haul | Almost Posh

Behold my head as I roadtest a few: 

MAC Snob | Almost Posh
MAC "Snob"
Classic pretty pink
Lime Crime Velvetine Bleached - Almost Posh
Lime Crime Velvetine in "Bleached"
Awesomely perfect matte-as nude that Does. Not. Budge.
Colourpop Ultra Liquid to Matte Clueless | Almost Posh
Colour Pop Ultra Liquid to Matte in "Clueless"
Abruptly ending my search for the perfect matte mauve
MAC Retro Matte in Flat Out Fabulous | Almost Posh
MAC Retro Matte in "Flat Out Fabulous"
Lime Crime Faded | Almost Posh
Lime Crime Velvetine in "Faded"
Don't let the face fool you. Loving it.
MAC Heaux | Almost Posh
MAC Amplified in "Heaux"
Gorgeous berry colour in glossy finish
MAC Plumful | Almost Posh
MAC Lustre in "Plumful"
A berry-plum shade in a more sheer finish to dial the colour down perfectly

I absolutely adore the Lime Crime Velvetines that dry down to the perfect matte texture (even if they do smell quite chemically on application) and do not move for the entire day throughout eating and drinking. The Colour Pop Ultra liquid to matte is up there with the Lime Crime and what a perfect shade! No more searching and waitlisting items on Sephora!

MAC is obviously not going to be anything less than awesome in terms of quality. As a matte fan, I love the feel of the retro mattes in particular, but it has been great to try some more of the Amplified, Cream Sheen and Lustre finishes and I am now sharing the love!

Many million thanks again, Christina!

I am stoked to be joining up for the first time this year with Ingrid's Monday Makeup Madness link party over at Fabulous and Fun Life.

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