Mix Apparel Birthday Shopping Bonanza

October 16, 2015

So . . . it's MUH BIRFDAY TODAY!

I am still quite happy to celebrate birthdays and have zero issues with my new age, which is 37. Apart from the fact 3 and 7 are both odd numbers and that doesn't sit well with me *shudder*. Ask me again when I jump into the next age bracket on surveys and questionnaires, however, this week it's all about the celebration!

One of the emerging trends of awesomeness is the birthday voucher from companies getting you in while you're all abuzz with celebrating and/or buying yourself presents on behalf of your spouse.

Here's a round-up of the birthday-related offers I've received:

$5 off next purchase at Chemplus

10% off code at ASOS
$10 gift voucher from Jeanswest
$30 gift credit at Mimco
Free pizza from my local place, Pizza Bite
15% off at Best and Less
$5 voucher from Priceline
20% off at The Iconic
Free burrito at Salsa's Fresh Mex

In related news, a month or so ago, in an effort to be better with my bucks, I switched my car insurance to Coles Insurance (despite their achingly irritating television ads) as they could save me over $20 a month and were offering a $100 Coles gift card as a sweetener. It arrived recently, and after the initial disappointment of it not being a Coles Myer gift card and wondering what I was going to spend it on (groceries for the family? As if!) I remembered Mix Apparel!

I've only bought from Mix a couple of times before and was reasonably pleased with the items I got but hadn't really bought anything else since; my local Coles doesn't stock Mix so it's a mission to get to one that does and I embarked on that said mission this week and was pleased to find they had all Womens Bottoms for $19. I'll leave you to make the lady bum jokes yourselves.

Side note: when fetching that link for Mix above, I was reminded of the floral shorts I bought last season and wondered where they were. I later discovered a whole bag of summer pants stuffed away at the top of the wardrobe so that was exciting! #rediscoveryourwardrobe

Back to the story at hand. With my $100 voucher printout at the ready, I tried on a million things and ended up with these items:

Side Zip Denim Skirt
Usually $29 - $19 on special

Rib Cuff Soft Pant
Usually $25 - $19 on special

Denim Button Front Skirt
Usually $29 - $19 on special
Pop Over Knit Blouse (??)
Denim Moto Jean
Usually $35 - $19 on special

Mandarin Collar Top
God, I love free money.

I also popped over to the Health & Beauty aisle and picked up a Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing eyeliner as recommended by my friend Lizzie for 50% off, so it was a win all round. I then achieved a lined eye this morning before work! Can you believe it??

Bus selfie. Can and will.
Outfit posts will be heading your way in the future so you can see how I ended up styling these bits and pieces. I am in a state of shock that I suddenly own not one, but TWO denim skirts. Never say never, amirite?

Bought anything from Mix lately?

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