Liebster Award Nomination

October 19, 2015

So this is quite nice, Melanie from travel blog Mafambani has nominated me / Almost Posh for a Liebster Award.

Melanie is an Austrian flashpacker (GOLD, LOVE IT) and blogs about her travelly adventures. Thanks for the nomination, Melanie! She found me through the Blog Exchange Facebook group. It's a closed group but I'm sure you won't have any problems joining up if you're nice.

What is a Liebster Award?

It's a way to connect bloggers and discover new blogs to read. It's internet only, so no shiny trophy, just this nifty badge:

Now to answer the questions Melanie has set:

If you could earn money with anything, what would it be?

Is it naff to say blogging? I do enjoy it and they reckon if you love what you do, you'll never work a day. However, I'd miss the fun of working in a big office and interacting with other people. Plus getting dressed for work, working in the city (close to the mall) and cake. So ideally, blog-like activity in an office environment.

Some might argue that's what I do anyway

When you travel, what do you buy to treat yourself?

All the clothes. And shoes. And beauty items. Especially internationally, I will stock up on anything that is a rip-off in Australia. Which is everything.

What does a perfect travel day look like for you?

After a restful sleep in a quiet and comfortable hotel bed and a complimentary breakfast (neither of which need to be particularly fancy), I'd like plenty of time for doing whatever we're doing so there is no stress rushing to catch planes or trains. I prefer moving at our own pace, preferably in our own vehicle or walking, stopping at random and seeing sights along the way.

And shopping. Did I mention shopping?

Postcard or e-mail?

Who doesn't love a hard copy postcard? I diligently sent them back on my first few trips - sadly now it's more about the jealousy-inducing Facebook status updates and Instagram photos.

What do you miss most when you're on the road? 

Internationally, it's Vegemite. In general, my wardrobe because inevitably I've packed a full suitcase with absolutely nothing decent to wear.

[image credit]

What does your perfect Sunday morning look like and where would you spend it? 

A delicious brunch followed by relaxation or entertainment in some form and certainly no housecleaning or washing duties. Heading beachside is always a winner in the warm weather. Even though by Adelaide standards I don't live close to the beach, I think a lot of people in larger cities would be envious of the fact I can enjoy living in what is essentially the foothills and get to the beach in 20 minutes.

Breakfast or brunch and why? 

Brunch. Breakfast is generally too early for me and I am known to feel a bit crook on a massive breakfast too early. Also, with brunch you can make it sweet or savoury and nobody judges.

What do you read before you go to bed? 

Social media usually.

What's your funniest story from your travels?

They are mostly all "you had to be there" type things; from lost in translation episodes (in English speaking countries!), dodgy celebrity spottings (Pauly Shore, anyone??) and Contiki shenanigans. 

Here's one for you though; 2007, New York City. Travelling with my newly-minted husband (our Vegas wedding was the week before), plus my parents and my sister and her then-boyfriend. We decided to go and see a baseball game at Shea Stadium (the O.G that the Beatles played at before it was torn down and rebuilt). The rain had caused big delays and we were unsure whether play would go ahead. We were standing out in the causeway at around 10pm wondering if we should just head home and got chatting to a bunch of local uni students. When they found out we were from South Australia specifically, they were all excited and like "Do you know the song 'Bound for South Australia'?" 


Nek minnut, we're all standing around in a big group singing:

In South Australia I was born
Heave away, haul away
South Australia round Cape Horn
We're bound for South Australia

Heave away, you rolling king
Heave away, haul away 
Heave away, oh hear me sing

We're bound for South Australia

I can't quite remember what kind of club they said they were in, possibly sailing? but that was like their theme song, which we of course thought was awesome, singing a folk song from home in the middle of New York City with a bunch of American students. My mum always travels with Australian flag toothpicks and other little souvenirs to hand out to people she gets chatting with overseas (and let me tell you, Americans LOVE it) so of course, they all got little flags and we all had a good laugh and then the baseball game started up! Yay! 

Same trip, when finding out we were Australians, at least half a dozen people offered their sincere condolences on the then-recent loss of Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, as though we were personally known to him.

We should never stop learning. What's the next thing you want to learn?

I've given up on the splits, rolling my Rs and whistling through my fingers. I'd settle for another language or how to sing properly.

What is home to you? And what do you miss most about it when you're traveling? 

Home is where I live here in Adelaide and since I've already mentioned what I miss when on the road, I'll say the first thing I always notice when I get back is the light. It is so bright here. I can even spot South Australian footage on TV without being told. It's really distinctive. There's also a smell that is undefinable but definitely there. (FYI: America smells like metallic air conditioning). 

Gratutious opportunity to use this cute photo

Also, the 50 cent piece is ENORMOUS and RIDICULOUS and I love it.


The deal with the Liebster Award is that once nominated, you then have to nominate another 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and set them some questions to answer. Now I have no idea how many followers people have at all - I don't even know exactly how many people follow Almost Posh, so I'm just going to smash some names out that I think might qualify and see what comes back:

Away From Blue
Love That Lippie
Max The Unicorn
Fabulous and Fun Life
Live, Believe, Relax

Instructions to follow

Create a blog post on your site answering the questions below. In your post, link back to the blog who nominated you with a shout out. After answering my questions, provide questions for your nominees. 

This is what Melanie said at this point:

"Now, usually you should select, list and link 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers and give them the instructions below, but here's my concern. It took me very long to find other bloggers who are interested to be nominated. If I'm honest, it took me too long. So, if anyone of you don't want to nominate others, I completely understand."

I hear that. So, you know, do what you like. 

Once you've created your 11 questions, notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so that they'll know what to do. Once you've posted, pop back in here and comment with the link to your post so I can check out your answers! 


1.   How do you feel about bloggy awards and questionnaires and things?
2.   What do you like best about blogging?
3.   If you could score one major opportunity through blogging, what would it be?
4.   What is your favourite social media platform and why?
5.   What was your first car?
6.   What colour is your phone cover?
7.   What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?
8.   If someone offered you a drink right now, what would you ask for?
9.   Where did you go on your first major holiday?
10. If you had a personalised numberplate, what would it say?
11. What was your favourite TV show in high school?

Thanks for your attention thus far, I look forward to reading your posts if you're inclined to participate!

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