Doing Corporate Cup In My Active Wear

October 30, 2015

This Wednesday just gone marked the final day of the Adelaide Corporate Cup.

Please note bum bag. Totes owning.
Don't let the cheery pose fool you.

For reasons still unknown, I signed up again this year, despite my general feelings about running being made strongly in this post from last year

I decided to cut myself a break and do the "mini" challenge this year, which was a 2.2km loop around a part of the River Torrens, rather than the marathon-like 4.5kms. I thought maybe this would relieve the tedium and ongoing resentment at losing a lunch hour to forced exercise.

Guess what?

I still hate running.

I really really wish I didn't. It's free, it's "easy", you don't need to go anywhere specific or have special machines. Why can't I be one of these people I read about who use the time to really clear their minds and get all pumped and energised and fit and stuff.

Not me.

As far as I'm concerned, the best bit about running is shopping for active wear (active wear) and new running shoes.

All I'm ever thinking when I'm running is how far I have to go until I can stop. Bits and pieces of me twinge and ache and twang, as I huff along, sucking air and battling stitches, side-eyeing everyone who runs past with ponytails swinging. In their active wear. 

Early this year, I tried to get some sort of evening run event happening as part of a vague New Year's commitment to better health and I was going alright until . . . life got in the way and stopped me from running at my allotted time.

Okay, it was a TV show.

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, it was "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here". Look, I'm not proud, it is what it is. And Freddy Flintoff was, quite frankly, hilaire.

Anyway, the results being that I am still not as fit as I'd like to be and with summer looming on the horizon, it's going to become much more of a Situation. After the money wasted on a gym membership earlier this year, I'm not keen to sign up to anything so commitment-heavy so it looks like I may have keep pulling the lairy kicks on.

Time to start shopping.

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