Mini Hauls from Priceline and Kmart

May 22, 2015

I randomly had the chance to pick up a few totally necessary bits and pieces yesterday that I thought I'd share with you on this fabulous Friday and give me an opportunity to join Flat Bum Mum's Friday link-up.

Firstly, it's my usual source of addiction indulgence; Priceline.

Using my quarterly voucher to part-fund my habit, I finally (FINALLY!) picked up two of the Australis Metallix eyeshadows as talked about here in Guns & Rose Petals and Pearl Jammin' and an Essence Lash Princess mascara which I had seen talked up on a beauty blog recently (apologies for forgetting which one) and hey, for five bucks, why wouldn't you.

essence lash princess mascara, Australis Metallix metallic eyeshadow
Guns & Rose Petals is a little pinkier than shown here and Pearl Jammin' is a lovely glittery gold. I busted it out this morning before work but it was a little full-on for the office and better suited to evening wear.

A quick swipe with a baby wipe removed most of it but I am still rocking a few glitter flecks, which is okay for jazzing up a casual Friday look. I was also well-impressed with the formula of the mascara; densely pigmented without being too clumpy and applied easily.

Here's the face I ended up with - bit grim, soz:

selfie | Almost Posh

In other news, I unexpectedly ended up in Kmart last night after dinner at my father-in-law's . . . as you can see from my footwear, I was not prepared for any kind of public appearance. 

So this happened. 

slippers to the shops

To the people of Ingle Farm Shopping Centre and the fashion world in general, I apologise.

We were shopping for a bag for my husband to use while cycling but I took the opportunity to literally grab things off the rack as we passed them because shopping while the toddler is happily occupied doesn't happen very often and that's what a returns policy is for.

kmart clothes, flatlay

Excuse the sloppy flatlay but I got a very nice winter floral dress in long sleeves (so hard to get a decent/affordable long-sleeved dress, I find), a jazzy geometric print scarf, a couple of long-sleeved tops for layering and an impulsively snatched grey marle tee which I will be returning because I already have a very similar Bonds one and don't need it. I really wanted the wine-coloured version but there were none in my size so I'll exchange if possible.

So there are a few things I nabbed to brighten my day and I look forward to sharing the resulting outfits with you.

Meanwhile, on Instagram:

Vintage black velvet box evening bag
Awesome velvet box evening bag from Savers

rose gold jewellery, mimco, tiffany
Muh joo'ry 

Copper & Co coasters
I won these two rad coasters from Copper & Co in an Instagram competition! 


big W fashion blogger jumper
Asked Big W if I could get this in a ladies 12. No answer. 

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