Throwback Thursday: Ugly Turtleneck

March 12, 2015

Welcome to the first (full) Throwback Thursday post of 2015!

You know, it took me a long long time to work out that high-necked items were no friend of mine.

Yay for my ugly top!
Look at this top. LOOK AT IT.

From Target circa 2002, in a selection of blues with a roll neck and  tight knit fabric. Paired with black bootcut work pants that I'm pretty sure are held up with a bulldog clip instead of a button and black clunky ankle boots. And if that's not ugly enough, I also had another version in an equally fetching brown, rust and orange colourway which I saw in Savers the other day and recoiled in horror as it all came rushing back. 

Also going on, badly coloured hair and that good ol' sketchy fringe but at least the angle/pose is flattering. I pulled this photo out of a shoebox the other day and was all "OMG, how skinny do I look?"

As I was digging further through the shoebox, I found another photo in the same top and I remembered, they were before and after shots before going to the hairdresser. That's right. I was "dressed up" to go to the hairdresser.

So edgy. So now.

We can only imagine what it looked like at the front. Thanks heaps, hairdresser, for toning down that brassiness too!

Here's another fetching display:

Remember when it was funny to take pictures of people taking pictures of you?

Yes, another ribbed knit top in fetching shades of yellow and brown teamed with a delightful pair of BROWN VELOUR PANTS, I'M NOT EVEN JOKING, YOU GUYS.

It's kind of annoying that the body of my youth was wasted in some incredibly foul ensembles - I guess I can only try and make up for lost time now that I'm in my 30s!

Be sure to click on the Throwback Thursday tag to laugh at more of my misadventures in fashion.

And as a bonus treat, you may remember this parody of The Sharp's "Scratch My Back" by the Late Show called "Skivvies Are Back" . . .

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  1. I've just had a scroll through some of your throw back Thursdays! I think we must be about the same age because the era of those clothes look very similar to what I wore back in the 90s!

    Oh and I'm following you on bloglovin :)

    1. Haha, I'm glad I wasn't the only one then, Lauren! Maybe just the only one silly enough to share it with the internet ;)

  2. ha! Turtlenecks are not my friend either. I always feel they are strangling me. surprising, for someone who loves scarves and used to own quite a few turtlenecks when i was younger!

    I don't have that many photos of my fashion when i was younger, but my blog is going to be a goldmine in the years to come! Already I stumble across an old post when I'm looking up the last way I wore something and wonder just what I was thinking!

    1. So true, Mica - even Insta posts from six months ago make me go "hmm, could do better!"

  3. Not my friend either, although I have given this trend far too much attention over the years before I working that out.

    1. Sometimes this lessons take a long time to learn, Raychael - witness my 20 year struggle with sketchy fringe.

  4. That's exactly why I don't do throwbacks!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?