Priceline Haul

February 12, 2015

I'm considering setting up a direct debit just to make it more convenient for Priceline to shut up and take my money. 

There's always a tempting sale or two for one offer and I've never met a dump bin I didn't like. 

Here's some of the products I've picked up recently, using my quarterly reward voucher to fund part of it ($12.90! A big one this time!) 

On the left, we have the latest instalment on my quest for the foolproof winged eye, the Maybelline Master Graphic eyeliner. I have often voiced my request that an eyeliner be capable of operating itself without any input from me but it seems we are still a ways away from that. Still, I've had a go and - at 11pm on a Monday night, of course - fluked a semi decent eyeline that I probably could have worn out in public. So that's promising. I got $5 off the price with a voucher in my Priceline Sister Club book. 

The Innoxa Blushing Blossom eyeshadow palette was on some kind of special, 30% off maybe? So I bought it. Why wouldn't you? 

The colours are shimmery but not über glittery. It's nice enough but I was hoping for a little more colour payoff. The purple shade does tend to look a little bruise-flavoured on my lids.

The coral tube in the middle was the focus of this post about mindfulness in the gym; the Australis Velourlips Matte Cream in Mi-A-Mee. I am LIVING for this stuff. Bold matte colour, great staying power - I'm itching to get my hands on more. I got this at 30% for $6.95 and I strongly suggest you do the same. 

In the same Australis sale, I got the Cray for Colour Eyeshadow Stick in Field of Dreams for some equally bargainic price. I got it because a) I love crayon eyeshadows and b) most of my existing stock are neutrals or pinky tones and I wanted to shake it up a little. 

Here's a rough pic of me testing it out.

Finally, we have some Sunsilk Captivating Curls & Waves spray product for creating "curl memory" in my hair. I'm hoping that combined with my VS Sassoon Suck 'n' Curl, it will create a head full of long lasting curly awesomeness. 

What will your next Priceline purchase be? 

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