Coles Coffee Choc Crunch and Caramel Popcorn Icecream Review

January 12, 2015

I scream, etc

Coles have had an enticing new range of own brand ice cream chillin' (see what I did there) in their freezer section for a few months now and I have passed them by with the occasional side eye - in our house, smaller gourmet style tubs are considered uneconomical and $6 for 500ml doesn't represent awesome value per serve. 

There was an early half-price promo, however there were so many people congregated around the freezer doors making agonising big life decisions between flavours to the point of consulting other shoppers and phoning a friend, I didn't even try to wade in.

Recently they were on another special - possibly 40% off this time - and with access unimpeded, I decided to try a couple of the flavours that had caught my side eye; Coffee Choc Crunch and Caramel Popcorn. 

They look pretty similar in-bowl, but the coffee one is on the spoon

I prepared my bowl with a taste of each. Just a little sumpin' sumpin' because, you know, healthy 2015 etc. 

The first flavour I scooped up with my shiny new dessert spoon (received as part of an eight-person cutlery canteen for Christmas from my parents) and delicately shovelled into my gob was the caramel popcorn. Sweet and rich with pieces of actual popcorn in it which I was excited about. However, what do you think happens to yummy crunchy popcorn when it's mixed in with liquid and chilled? Yep, you end up chewing on stuff that is the consistency of small bits of tasty cardboard. 

The Coffee Choc Crunch also had a good quality taste, nice coffee flavour and creamy texture but again, the promised "crunch" failed to deliver.  More chewy morsels, more vague and misplaced disappointment. 

In summary, both ice cream flavours are totally pleasant to eat but are trying too hard and could have done without the added gimmicky extras. Although I enjoyed them and will continue to do so until the (quickly-reached) end of the tubs, it's not a product I would continue to buy at full price. My husband agreed with my point about consistency and texture but since he'll eat anything that doesn't have fresh coriander in it, he wasn't bothered.

This is not a sponsored post. I bought the icecream out of the grocery budget!

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