Throwback Thursday: Sporty Dress

November 06, 2014

I can’t recall the exact origins of this dress.

I think someone gave it to me. I can’t remember who but it’s another one I wish I’d kept for nostalgic purposes because I absolutely adored it at the time and wore it to death. I know I definitely ending up selling it reluctantly on eBay . . . to a dude, which was kind of mysterious.

This was the mid to late 90s so the Spice Girls craze was still in full effect. It was made of a stretchy fabric and the double stripes gave it that sporty edge we loved at the time.

I wore it to parties, where I hung out with a bunch of buttons. Accessorised with a plastic Bananas in Pyjamas watch, silver jewellery including an ankh on a chain and freshly bleached white blonde strands.

I wore it to work. Over pants. Not leggings. Actual black work pants. Probably bootcut with platform ankle boots. It’s just what we did then. You wouldn't understand.

Evidently I also totally inappropriately wore it to work sans pants, with my Minnie Mouse chunky velcro strap Mary-Janes and that awful orange hair with what appears to be a butterfly hair grip.

And I wore it out to nightclubs when I still did such a thing. With stockings and heels and a slightly more mature choice of watch.

Incidentally, those heels were $25 from Target and were the best and most comfortable shoes ever. I once walked from Hawthorn to East St Kilda in them because I could. When they finally snapped, I took them to be repaired but the cost was twice the amount I paid for them. Sadly, they were consigned to the bin with much sorrow.

I hope the dude who bought this dress got as much out of it as I did.

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