Catch of the Day

October 11, 2014

Like any good online sucker shopper, I have a range of shopping apps to idly scroll through during phone browsing time.

One recent evening, a banner alert from Catch Of The Day caught my eye. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest were giving me no love, so I checked it out.

Footwear! Athletic footwear! Under $100!

I passed my phone over to my husband who had recently made some vaguely speculative comments about wanting a new pair of running shoes. He quickly settled on a pair he liked and handed the phone back.

Image from

Click *add to cart* before he can change his mind.

Then it was my turn. I chose these snazzy Skechers.

image from
*Add to cart*

Then because mine were less, I browsed over to a different shopping category. Performance footwear needs matching workout wear, right?

So I bagged two pairs of capri pants, Nike and Adidas. 

*Add to cart*

*Check out*

*Google for promo code*

*Find promo code that offers legit discount and isn't some stupid one saying 25% Sale! Redeem at Site!*

*Submit order*

*Pay by PayPal*

*Go to online banking app*

*Transfer $100 from husband’s account to me*

All completed in under 15 minutes. Well, that escalated quickly.

They arrived the next week in yet another pleasingly plump courier bag -  at which time I realised the receptionist at work logs all my many parcels so had to beg her not to bother.

Husband was pleased with his kicks so that was him sorted.

Then it was on to the pants which were much of a muchness. They both have one of those nifty concealed pockets for your gym locker card and promise much in the way of DRI-FIT technology in the small novel's-worth of tags attached.

I now know how to say "Stay cool when it heats up" in several different languages which I'm sure will come in handy one day.

My kicks!

Memory Foam!!! I have since removed the tags

Cute, super squishy and very comfortable. 

The only decision is to make is . . .

Black or pink??

Over on Facebook - pink was a runaway winner at the polls, however there were 3 votes for Punky Brewster-style one of each as shown. If only I had a bandanna, some overalls and a rollerskate key necklace to complete the look . . .

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