Mixing it Up

September 22, 2014

I viewed Coles' venture into fashion with deep suspicion. Surely anything you could buy in a supermarket would make Postie Fashions look like haute couture.

Still, when FlyBuys sent me an email luring me with the promise of bonus FlyBuys points if I signed up to the Mix Apparel newsletter, I took the bait. Anything for those points, man. At this rate, I'll have enough for a $20 gift card by Christmas.  

I've never had enough for anything good despite being a member since 1996

I checked out the site. Sure, there was some mumsy stuff in some dubious colours but I was intrigued by some attractive-looking items, particularly as I was in the market for some transeasonal knits. What prevented me from giving it an immediate go was being annoyed by the standard minimum $50 spend to qualify for free shipping, which I have already whinged about here.

Out of curiousity, I asked on Facebook if anyone had any experience ordering from Mix and got crickets chirping in reply so assumed it was beyond daggy and thought nothing more of it. 

Until I got the email newsletter advising free shipping for a $40 spend, that is. 

Like any good sucker, I promptly loaded my cart and placed a $45 order. 

The items arrived at work late on a Friday afternoon in a pleasingly plump bag . . .

It had a drawstring! 
I sorted through the individual packages and noticed with confusion that a white crew neck tee was included. I didn't remember ordering it and worried that I'd made an error with the order. Then I saw this. 

Okay, Mix. I haven't even tried this stuff on yet and I'm already feeling pretty good about you.

Pyjama pants model's own

Okay it's a bit clingy and kind of thin but it was TOTALLY FREE.

Using it as a base, I tried on the coral raglan knit with the washed back grey jeggings. 

Yay! Comfortable fit, perfect pant length and the casual shape combined with the loose knit of the raglan top pleased me immensely. My only point of contention is that these are billed as jeggings when in fact they have a working zip and button fly. Eighteen months past giving birth and I am still finding it hard to move away from a comfort waistband. 

Next up, the white open knit tee. Also loved the fit and feel. Another win. 

Arty back shot

Not pictured, the black crew neck tee which, like the white, was a bit of a slim fit but would do for a skinny day. Nice, almost silky feel to the fabric. 

Will be interesting to see how they stand up after a few washes but for now, I am happy with my five pieces for $45 and plan to Mix-a-lot in the future. 

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  1. I am totally with you on the minimum purchase shipping fee hatred.. the good thing about Mix Apparel though is that you can buy whatever you want and return every single item hassle-free at any Coles store, even if you just bought it to tip-toe over the $50 mark. Which is.. something I'd never do, of course...