#StyleCost2017: November

December 18, 2017

Yes, I know, it's another well-overdue and rushed effort for the Style Cost round-up for November, soz, please refrain from judgement. Even though I am now only working two days a week at "real work", I have been totally busy with my side hustle and trying to meet publishing deadlines plus the usual end-of-year events and festivities so time has been extremely limited and my Instagramming and blogging has taken a back seat.

I was asked to do the Instagram takeover for the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets for the launch night of 1 November, which I duly did so (and I must have done alright because they asked me back for December's market as well). Anyway, on my wanderings through the stalls, I found these cool mermaid earrings from Fig & Fletcher and snagged them for $10.

Mum and I met up for a day in Gawler and I picked up a couple of items including a star print dress from Big W for $15. I've worn it a couple of times but only for dagging around the house so I don't have a photo of it.

This embroidered skirt from Millers I got for 40% off - $24 down from $40. You may remember I got to wear this for all of half an hour before having to change plans and take Miss L to the dentist.

Also from Millers, a blue broderie boho blouse which is super comfortable - $15 down from $35. Again, no photo. Like, I said, busy.

I felt like I needed to update my work wardrobe with my career in limbo, so I poked around Myer's mid-season clearance and picked up a bargain in this Basque skirt that was $31.50 down from $89.95 - shown here with a Big W top ($15) and pasty legs (free).

Also picked up a couple of tops from one of those weird overcrowded mall chain places. This one is called NK Fashions at the Plaza. Here's one of them:

I found a pair of low block nude heels in Spend-Less to wear if required to interviews and what-have-you. Previously I had spoken out about nude heels but #NeverSayNever2017, am I right? I also had a voucher so they came down to $20. I bought a matching ponte jacket to throw over dresses too, just to formalise some of my frocks. I hate the whole suit for interviews thing.

I also found a good and comfortable pair of pants in Big W for $25.

Finally I popped into Katies during their "all sale items $15" and came away with a black broderie detail top:

and a dress, which I have not yet pictured.

Apologies again for this lacklustre effort of a post but at least I am still keeping track of my spend and will be able to provide a full wrap-up at the end of the year / start of next year depending how motivated I am.

Monthly totals

Items acquired: 13
Total RRP ticket "value" - $480.73
Total paid - $259.43
YTD spend - $2,426.19
YTD "value" - $5,563.75

Are you hanging for this year to end and things to settle down? Got a holiday planned? What's the haps?

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