#StyleCost2017: June

June 30, 2017

I have to say, it has been somewhat hectic around these parts lately and you may have noticed the schedule has dropped off a little . . . never fear, I am still bringing you the monthly round-up of items purchased as part of the #StyleCost2017 project, albeit a little late. Life, work and the socials are busy and I'm finding myself in a bit of a bloggy slump but I will slog through it and continue to bring you news of more luxe for less bucks.

As we reach mid-year and looking back over the items I've bought so far, I've noticed some changes in spending habits. Less fast fashion, more moderately-paced fashion. I'm spending more on less things.

I haven't made a complete breakaway from cheap and cheerful though, as I had been looking for a replacement pair of black ponte pull-on pants for a while and after some searching, found this excellent pair in Kmizzle for 20 bones.

katies shirt, kmart ponte pants | Almost Posh

Did you see my Insta post re: mini metal studio? I finally got to ordering myself a pair of these cute beaded sleepers. Made from recycled sterling silver, by hand, in Australia! If you're into ethical jewellery that isn't all beads and strings, then check them out.

mini metal studio sleepers | Almost Posh

Muh girl Kate of One Cool Mother had a 25% off discount code for Adrift that she shared with her community so I bit the bullet and popped on the Zoe dress in black batik, which was already on sale. Yasss. Spewing you missed it? You can get 25% off full priced with another of muh girl's codes: STYLINGCURVY. This dress is sold out though, soz.

adrift zoe dress black batik | Almost Posh

Went to Harbour Town for the first time in absolute ages, during which my daughter behaved super annoyingly. Upside was these jazzy activewear tights from Rivers* for 40% off.

Rivers activewear | Almost Posh

Along with this stripe curved hem jumper* which I was in two minds about, then ended up committing to, because #teamstripes, amirite? As you can see, the attitude had changed by the time I wore it.

rivers stripe curved hem jumper | Almost Posh

In the same trip, I also picked up 4 x long necklaces from Lovisa for $10. One of them is pictured below in silver, I got the same in gold, plus another one in both gold and silver because I'm weird like that.

I did purchase three additional items but they are still in transit so you won't see them for a while . . .

Bohemian Traders were having a crazy sale, so I lost my mind a bit and went for the Winter Dreamer dress in wine and the Evening Primrose Tulip dress - together they cost $130. Plus shipping, which stuck in my craw a bit, I don't mind telling you.

Finally, I took a punt on a dress from eShakti for an event I'm attending on 11 July so I'm presenting offerings to the patron saint of online shopping that it gets here on time. When you sign up with them you get $25 actual dollars off plus free shipping which is sweet as - PLEASE LET IT ARRIVE ON TIME.

Oh - hang on, I did buy a knit cardigan from Zara but I don't think I will keep it. You know what's annoying though - I never go to that side of town so I'm hoping to be able to make it back to return it in time. So I'm not counting it in the totals just yet.

Now, here's a thing, yet another of my blog squad girls, Mica at Away From Blue, has just completed six months without shopping. SIX. MONTHS. And that's not all. She is backing it up with her third annual No Buy July to make it SEVEN. MONTHS. So I'm going to see if I can't maybe hold off for #NoBuyJuly17. No promises, but I reckon I can do it. Here's a look back at my attempt in 2015 where I ended up in the paper and on Mornings!

Monthly totals

Items acquired: 9
Total RRP ticket "value" - $687.95
Total paid - $295.46
YTD spend - $1,381.64
YTD "value" - $3,084.91

* denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I get a small amount of bones to save throughout July. Maybe. See how we go. For more information, see my PR & Media policy.

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