Home Day with homebodii

November 11, 2016

As much as I like to get out and about, every now and then I like to have a home day where essentially I stay in my sleepwear and do very little that requires effort.

Now that the warmer weather is getting a little more consistent, I'm starting to leave the flannelette behind and look towards my summer weight loungewear. As you know, I am not opposed to an oversized tee or soft pants but let me give you the heads-up if you want to take your lounge look up a notch with homebodii.

Ooh it's all so noir and moody, right? Look, I'm just trying something new here so bear with me!

homebodii have a gorgeous site dedicated to sweet slumber attire, bridal robes and all manner of organic lounge wear as well as dresses, beach and holiday essentials.

I was kindly sent the Serafina kimono robe in black. I chose black because sometimes I need to check the letterbox when I don't feel like getting dressed. It's made from a soft luxe fabric with gorgeous delicate lace detail on the sleeves and hem, with internal tie (modesty!) and proper fabric belt.

I was wearing this robe while preparing for an event, leaving it on until the last minute to change into my actual dress. My husband legit thought I was going to wear it out, that's how nice it looks on.

It's our ten year wedding anniversary next May. We were married overseas and I am trying (with very little success) to talk said husband into a vow renewal; mainly so I can wear a cute dress and get photos and have bridesmaids and gift them pretty floral robes and invite friends who either didn't make the cut or have come into my life since then. He doesn't see those as being adequate reasons, unfortunately.

Side note: it's like 44 days until Christmas and if you wanted to treat yo'self or someone special, I'm pretty sure something from homebodii would be a hit! It comes beautifully wrapped and presented so you don't even have to worry about it which is great for non-wrappers like myself.

Do you lean towards luxe lounge wear or keep it more casual?

I was kindly gifted the Serafira kimono from homebodii and chose to post about it. All words and images are mine and authentic. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy.

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