Get Your Summer Face On!

October 31, 2016

It's nearly summer, you guys!


HAHAH LOL, JOKES, Adelaide is back to 16 and rain today and I am starting to take this personally.

Anyway, the sun might not be out today but I can tell you that over the last few years, I have become borderline obsessive with protecting my face skin from the sun. Genetics may be on my side in terms of current stage of aging but I have no desire to speed up that process. Also, getting face burn sucks, makes you uncomfortable and you look like a numpty in the bargain. Don't even start me on peeling.

At the Adelaide Bloggers United event, I was gifted a full range of Elucent Whitening Skincare products, which was mighty kind of them and have been using the exfoliating cleanser, 30SPF day moisturiser and spot corrector lotion of late. As y'all know, I do get milia seeds so I'm steering away from the night moisturiser.

elucent whitening range | Almost Posh

I used to think whitening products were more designed towards overseas markets who prize pale skin. Now I know that it's actually more like brightening and evening of tone, not actual skin bleaching. In conjunction with the Natural Instinct's Rosehip Oil I've been trialling, I think it's actually having an effect!

What I like most is the inbuilt sun protection. Although I would always apply additional actual sunscreen if I knew I would be out and about, this gives a good start and helps you out if you've been caught off guard.

Likewise, I love some lip protection, especially on days when I'm not wearing actual makeup. A delightfully flavoured lip balm is always on hand to keep my smackers smooth and ensure that the next time I wear liquid to matte lip products, I'm not going to be painting flakes. Bonus points for balms that stay secure in their containers.

I am never without a pair of sunglasses floating around my bag (and if I am, everybody in the vicinity will know about it). In summer, the bigger the better to protect that delicate eye area as well as your actual eyeballs.

I was kindly gifted these two pairs by Aloha Eyes.

aloha eyes sunglasses | Almost Posh

Left: "Zen Sun HDP" in Tortoise with Smoke Lens | Right: "Havana" Brown Tortoise with Amber Lens

Crowning yourself with your choice of appropriate headwear is the final step in getting your summer face together - by which I mean some sort of sensible hat type option, not like a tiara or flower crown.

ghost sign, hat | Almost Posh

Are you ready to get your summer face on?

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